I’m Leaving on a Jet Plane

That’s right, because of this day….

Lovey-Dovey Pic (sorry!)

Which, admittedly was a few months back now, we’re lucky enough to have an excuse to take a holiday under the guise of a honeymoon (belated as it may be) and will be frolicking (can I say that?) in Fiji for the next couple of weeks!

Though don’t be tooo jealous. I mean, this doesn’t look like much fun at all….

Nah, seriously, I’ll be back before you probably realised I was gone – you can miss me a teeny bit if you want to though :-)

And just a little note to say a big THANK YOU to every one of my followers, commenters, readers or accidental stumblers! I know I don’t always manage to get around and visit all of you though please know that I do try. I read and adore all of your sweet comments and emails and always do my best to follow-up on any questions.


  1. oh that picture of you two is adorable! did you get married on a vineyard? have fun in fiji- you deserve it! frolic away!

  2. Ooooh I am not jealous at all, ok maybe a bit, alright you’ve got me I am so jealous I am almost green! Have a great trip Kristine, I will miss reading your posts and your lovely comments. xx

  3. Mirela says:

    loving that photo soooo gorgeous!!! and as for jealous me NO ..actually TAKE ME WITH YOU PLEASE.. look forward to your return but in the meantime you have a fantastic trip Miss Kristine XXX

  4. Kacey says:

    Gorgeous photo of you and your honey!

    Have a wonderful time on your belated honeymoon!


  5. That is the sweetest lovey dovey photo, I love it. Hope you have the best time ever on your honeymoon.

  6. Tina says:

    Kristine, what a gorgeous wedding pic! You two lovebirds have a WONDERFUL time. Enjoy that sunshine! I am SO envious:) See you soon ~ Tina xx

  7. Kerry says:

    Have the best time ever!

  8. chair up says:

    What a gorgeous wedding photo!
    Have a fantastic time (as if you couldn’t!) and we’ll be looking forward to hearing all about it:o)

  9. Kerri says:

    Oh poor you, how on earth will you cope? Seriously, have a wonderful time, and take lots of lovely scenery pics to share with us when you get back! K xx

  10. Ok so maybe I am a little jealous… ok a lot jealous!;) How fun! I hope you have an amazing time. That wedding picture is gorgeous,btw! P.S. I love your blog.

  11. Allison says:

    Have a blast! I AM jealous of you! Would love to go to Fiji someday! Can’t wait to see pics when you get back.

  12. Totally not jealous ….. okay maybe a bit! Have a great holiday! Michelle

  13. JoLynn says:

    That SO does not look like any fun at all! :) Hope you have a fabulous time…could use one of them myself!!

  14. judi says:

    oh kristine…you are going to have SUCH a wonderful time…you MUST be sure to do all that you’ve shown us in the photos!
    my first time snorkeling was in 2006 in Maui and i LOVED it SO much…i was the last one out of the water, of course a wet suit helped. ;)
    can’t wait to hear all about your trip…jealous as we all may be!
    judi ;)

  15. Jenny says:

    You can just go now…. And leave us all here freezing! We are all jealous of course, but do hope that you have a wonderful time!!!! Remember to say ‘bulla’. ;-)

  16. Lee says:

    Kristine, have a fabulous belated honeymoon in Fiji. Such a gorgeous, gorgeous place.

  17. Sarah B says:

    No no, not jealous at all….. okay, so maybe a bit :)
    Have a wondefful time!!!

  18. Amanda says:

    Enjoy that delicious sunshine and relaxing Fijian hospitality. I’m so envious! Frolic away.

  19. What a great lovey-dovey picture, Kristine! Have a great time! You two certainly deserve the time to celebrate you as a couple.

  20. Alison says:

    Oh Kristine, fun post.
    Oh how boring and dull it will be there!!LOl :-)
    have a fun time

  21. Katie says:

    What a great looking couple you make! Have a fun trip!

  22. J. says:

    Wow, have an amazing honeymoon!

  23. I am so green! I hope you have a great time!

  24. that looks heavenly! seriously…can I come???

  25. Fabulous trip…have fun…send pictures!


  26. The Moerks says:

    NO definitely not fun, Just stay home in the cold dreary winter. NOT!

  27. Have a lovely time. I just loooove Fiji, it is so relaxing and the people are so beautiful. See you when you get back.
    Donna xx

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