Well, I Wasn’t Expecting That

Whilst roaming around Blogland earlier, I decided to pop in here…

…for a quick visit, where I was thrilled to see this…

…very familiar photo of a certain dining room vignette, which led me on to this…

…great HGTV article, which also included this…

…other very familiar photo!

Well, what a lovely mid-day surprise!

  1. Amanda says:

    How exciting Kristine!! Your dining room makeover is definitely worthy of this recognition!! Well done xx

  2. Lee says:

    Gorgeous dining room + lovely styling + excellent photography skills = a dining room truly worthy of international recognition! Now please excuse me Kristine while I pop over to HGTV to read the article. Lee :)

  3. It is so lovely! I love the colours : )

    Gemma x

  4. Mirela says:

    How exciting …your make-overs are always a worth a recognition! Yeah for you luv melli xx

  5. Lori says:

    I hope they gave you credit! You do deserve it.

  6. Jenny says:

    Well done Kristine, a great makeover and well deserved.

  7. Boston Bee says:

    Wow! That is so cool! I hope they put your name all over it!!! What an honor for you;)Alyssa of bb

  8. Moxie Maley says:

    Lovely, and great job! I’m glad to have found your blog – am now following!

  9. Wonderful (:
    Your blog makes me NOT want to paint all of my furniture white!

  10. Yay! and Congratulations. Those pictures are gorgeous and your home is too lovely! You deserve it!

  11. woot woot! that’s awesome!

  12. COngratulations Kristine, you are one clever gal and deserve all of the attention! Well done! xx

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