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Firstly, thanks so much to everyone who sent me concerned comments and emails due to my little hiatus over the past few days. You guys are just too sweet :-) I assure you all I’m perfectly fine, just trying to kick a ‘would-rather-be-in-bed’ bug.

Anyways, on a different note, this weekend spells ONE YEAR since this day…

I can’t believe how fast time has flown.

We’re not doing anything much. Just a mystery overnight road trip in our time honoured tradition – we’ve always loved just jumping in the car not knowing where we might end up (even though it has meant a few nights spent in dodgy service station motels eating pretzels and giant choc chip cookies for dinner, but hey, I love those memories!).

And thirdly, for something completely unrelated, just thought I’d share some pics Luke took tonight of some cheeky cockatoos munching on wattle seeds in our front yard.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!

  1. JANE says:

    Oh, Kristine, I hope you’re hale and hearty very soon. And enjoy your fabulous getaway! J x

  2. Gorgeous cockies.. I love your wedding pic too – Happy Anniversary! Rachaelxx

  3. Kerry says:

    Happy, happy anniversary Kris and Luke. Hope you have the most wonderful celebration :)

  4. chair up says:

    Happy Anniversary Kristine. I remember those impulsive carefree days pre-kids. ENJOY!

  5. Anna says:

    Happy Anniversary Kristine…had to laugh about eating the giant choc chip cookie for dinner…I had the same experience once..too funny…but its these stories that make wonderful memorable ones as the years go on. Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating :) xo

  6. Happy Anniversary, Kristine. Those birds were out in your yard?? Cool.

  7. what a gorgeous wedding pic! and i can’t believe those birds were just hanging out in your yard… we had about 60 crows in our yard today… not as magical. so, sick for a bit…. could there be perhaps a baby in your belly? ;)

  8. Happy Anniversary! Gorgeous Picture

  9. Sarah B says:

    Happy Anniversary Kris! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, hopefully not in a service station! I love the weddig pic and those cheecky birds too x

  10. NanaDiana says:

    Happy Anniversary Kristine. We are a fly-by-the-pants kind of travelers too! Love it! Hugs- Diana

  11. Happy Anniversary to you two newlyweds! :) Beautiful photo! I love the way you just go with the flow and take one day at a time! Sometimes those unplanned trips and stops are the best!! :) Hope you’re feeling better soon and are able to be up and decorating for the holidays!

    xoxo laurie

  12. What a great wedding picture! Happy one year!!

  13. SHERRY HART says:

    Feel better soon….and those birds in your front yard????? For real!

  14. Happy anniversary, Kristine! I hope you have a fabulous trip and make lots of new memories.

  15. Katie says:

    Happy Anniversary! I hope you are on the road to feeling better soon :)

  16. awww happy anniversary enjoy!

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