About My Blog

In early 2010, whilst browsing the internet, I stumbled upon….something.
I was amazed and instantly addicted (in my casual manner of obsession).
It was awesome.
Full of real home improvement advice from a real person.
There were furniture revivals, budget DIY projects, thrifty decorating tips.
And there were comments and references and credits which led to a whole like-minded on-line community.
So, what was this glorious thing?
It was a blog.

Despite being hooked, I had no initial intentions of beginning my own blog though after just a few short months already found myself left-clicking my first “publish” button.
I’m still not certain exactly what compelled me, though I think it was a combination of wanting to both diarise and share my own decorating endeavours.

After purchasing my first ‘house’ in 2005 I’ve been committed to creating a beautiful yet liveable ‘home’ on a budget.  The Painted Hive is my on-line journal of the journey and the place I share real projects, fresh ideas and evocative inspiration which I hope helps motivate others.

My philosophy is simple: make the most of what you’ve got – which usually involves finding innovative ways of turning trash into treasure. I believe there are always affordable alternatives to things which are otherwise unattainably exorbitant.

An important aspect of my blog is enlightening, empowering and encouraging others so I focus on publishing fresh content written in a thoughtful and thorough way. Connecting with people is central to all that I do (without visitors The Painted Hive would be a lonesome place indeed!) so please know that your readership is immeasurably appreciated and unceasingly motivating – your engagement through comments is particularly valued.

My little blog has no dastardly plot for global domination. In the interest of keeping it real I stick to content which reflects my own personal style. If it appeals to more than a handful of people, then yay!

With a young family, at the moment my first priority is being Mum (and I guess I should say wife too, I s’pose :-) though I am passionate about my blog and post whenever I have something worthy of its virtual pages.


Since it’s launch in 2010 The Painted Hive has grown beyond my expectations. I am both humbled and honoured to have been featured in notable publications including Ideal Home magazine, Australian Country magazine, DIY Lifestyle magazine, Reloved magazine, Make It Over magazine and Little One Baby magazine, along with on major websites such as Apartment Therapy, HGTV, Fox News (online magazine) and Design Sponge, just to name a few. For a more comprehensive press list please view my buzz page.


Call me vague or naive, though when I began this blog I truly had NO IDEA that people actually earned a revenue from blogging! As touched on above, I simply wanted to help others by sharing projects, ideas and inspiration, and I had a genuine yearning to connect with a supportive, like-minded community.

So, it’s important to note that I write this blog primarily for the love of it, not to make an income.

That said, running this blog does cost me money and consumes a lot of my time.

For that reason, I might on occasion collaborate with carefully vetted sponsors. This enables me to:
One: make some ‘pocket money’ to help supplement my husband’s teacher’s wage.
Two: support businesses, products, services and websites (particularly small/independent businesses and blogs) by offering them affordable exposure.
Three: introduce my readers to relevant businesses, products, services and websites they may benefit from and enjoy.
Four: cover some of the costs involved with self-hosted blogging to help make this site viable and keep it running.

It’s incredibly important to me that all sponsor engagement is as enriching and transparent as possible. In the interest of my cherished readers, my blog’s identity and my own personal integrity, I have, and will continue to, decline advertising opportunities (no matter how lucrative) I deem irrelevant, unsuitable or inappropriate and any sponsor related activity will always be disclosed.

I make a deliberate effort to ensure sponsors; relate to the nature of my blog, offer my readers some value, reflect my own personal taste/style, suit the aesthetic of my content, closely align with my personal ethos. Supporting small/independent businesses and blogs is a priority.

Sponsor related activity will always be clearly disclosed and any form of remuneration will never influence my opinion or adversely affect the content of this blog.

The relatively modest income I receive from engaging Google Adsense accounts for the vast majority of my humble advertising revenue and is what affords me the opportunity to offer incredibly reasonable sponsor rates for small businesses.