Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a happy and safe Christmas. Thank you so much for your e-friendship throughout 2014.

The Re-Love Project Auctions Are LIVE!

Re-Love Project Auctions

My heart is honestly beating a little faster than usual as I type this. I didn’t anticipate being so excited-anxious-nervous-enthralled about seeing my pieces, and those of the other ladies involved, go under the hammer!   CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE LIVE AUCTION If you can see these babies gracing your bedroom (or living ....Continue reading….

Re-Love Project…an up-cycling journey

Re-Love up-cycling journey

If, when it comes to furniture, terms like ‘re-loved’ and ‘up-cycled’ get your heart a-pumping, then this just may be the creative crusade for you! I make no secret of my passion for transforming the ‘drab’ into something a little more ‘fab’ (if I do say so myself :-), so when I was invited to ....Continue reading….

A New Project

Flat Pack Hack Plan

Do you ever feel like your creative ideas are just gonna burst right out of your brain in the form of some crazy kinda full body fire stomping dance? That’s me at the moment. Over the past few months my kid’s nap times have been totally outta sync, or completely non-existent, which has meant lots ....Continue reading….

Giveaway: Dictionary Definition Canister Labels…open internationally!

Canister Label Decal Giveaway

This special giveaway is very close to my heart. About two years ago I published this post and my poor little blog nearly had a heart attack! I had NO IDEA my simple idea would cause such a stir – though I’m so glad it did! Aside from putting a big fat smile on my face, the ....Continue reading….

“Make It Over” and “Get It Made”

Make It Over

I’m really lucky to have had my home and projects featured in some printed magazines. There’s just something so lovely about their tangible nature and it’s always such an honour to see my work amongst the pages. The significance is never lost on me. I feel particularly proud of my latest feature. My very own ....Continue reading….

Year in Review…and gratitude

Year in Review

I wanted to get this post up prior to the new year, though thanks to my glacial-like precipitancy, clearly that never happened (I better be careful or soon I’ll have to start signing my blog posts with an image of a sleeping sloth – yes, that’s right, not just any sloth, a sleeping one). At ....Continue reading….

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a joyful yule! Thanks so much for your e-friendship in 2013.

Plush Rugs Giveaway: $400 Gift Certificate

$400 Rug Giveaway!

You may have noticed that giveaways aren’t exactly common around here. I made the decision to be sparing with them because; 1) this is primarily a DIY decorating blog and the ethics nazi in me wants to keep the focus on just that, and 2) giveaways are pretty prolific in blogland already so standing out ....Continue reading….

In Print

In Print

Once again, I am fortunate to have had a project of mine featured in Reloved Magazine! My DIY Customised Timber Knobs (from waaaay back in 2010 – an oldie but a goldie!) can be found on page 24 of the Autumn 2013 issue. A big thank you to editor Sally FitzGerald for thinking to include ....Continue reading….