Furniture Revivals

After buying my first home, I absolutely fell in love with the creative challenge and self-satisfaction that came from refurbishing my very own furniture.

Inevitably, I soon found my little house bursting with more occasional chairs than a hotel lobby, so naturally turned to on-selling my excess wares (to, one; save from drowning in a sea of console tables, and two; as a means of pursuing my new-found hobby).

With no real ambition or direction other than to appease my own design passion, my revived furniture sparked some interest, and to my surprise (and delight) my little hobby bloomed into a small business of sorts.

Now, along with offering refurbished pieces occasionally through eBay (you can see if I’m currently selling anything here), I also provide a custom refinishing service. So, whether you’re seeking a special piece or have an item of your own in need of TLC, I can source and refurbish just about anything to meet your individual specifications.

A self-professed penny-pincher, affordability is important to me and as such I am dedicated to offering my services and pieces at the best possible price.

To enquire about my furniture revival services please don’t hesitate to contact me.