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Sometimes a comment might not apply to a particular post, or perhaps you just want to ask a quick question or simply say ‘hi’.

I created this Guest Book for just that reason.

It sure would be lonesome here all on my own so please feel free to leave a virtual note knowing it is truly appreciated.

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  1. Virginia Ursenbach says:

    I love these. How do I order them?

    • Hi Virginia
      What were you referring to exactly? My canister labels or quote art?

  2. Diana Ansley says:

    I LOVE these labels! We are completely remodeling our kitchen and once the dust settles I’ll be using them as what I call “functional décor”. So creative. Have a great day!

    • Oh yay! It’s great to have both pretty and practical kitchen stuff!

  3. Your block printed cushion is beautiful, thank you for sharing.

  4. Linda Luechtefeld says:

    Hi Kristine
    This is my first time navigating through The Painted Hive. I must say it will not be my last. I love the large selection of Free printables you have. Currently I’m working on a my parrots activity room. So I will be using several printables from your fantastic selection. I’m happy I signed up for the Painted Hive newsletters and I will be telling all my crafting friends that your site is book marked in my top 5 sites. Thanks and God Bless.

    • Aw, thanks Linda. So glad you found me and that my projects have helped inspire you :)

  5. Joan Phillips says:

    Just to say I have subscribed this morning and although not searching fully your pages what I have seen so far I really love and know I will enjoy your projects as time goes on.
    All the very best
    Joan Phillips.
    Perth Western Australia…

  6. Barbara Quigley says:

    Hi Kristine

    Love your site!

  7. Barbs Adams says:

    Hi, I just seemed to stumble on your site, and I have to say, what a lovely site it is. Everything seems to be made with the same ideas as I have, ( but didn’t do much about it, just for me and friends) i have just had to give up my crocheting and knitting through arthritis that has hit my hands with a vengeance! Not wanting to feel sorry for myself, I love doing lots of crafts with my grandchildren, and according to my 5 year old grand daughter, I am the best thing since bananas for all the stuff we do together! Now you can’t get much better than that, can you.
    Till next time, Barbs Adams. X

    • LOL! I love that. You’re doing pretty doing well Barbs if you’re on par with bananas!
      Sorry you’ve had to give knitting away. That’s one craft I could never get my head around. I was stuck in hospital for a few months before my first child was born and a friend bought me a crocheting kit to give me something to do. I couldn’t work the darn thing out!
      Thanks so much for letting me know you found my site :)

  8. Sue Raddatz says:

    I’m very happy to have discovered your site via Pinterest today. You have created a welcoming and charming blog. Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  9. maja says:

    Great page!!! Thanks for sharing all your amazing ideas! 😍 Greetings from Sweden 😃

  10. Val says:

    Good Morning (California time!) Kristine,
    I have so enjoyed perusing your site! You are extremely talented yet so humble. I am a budget queen like yourself and love all your fun comments! Keep on keeping on……oh, and thank you!

    • Aw, thanks so much.
      And “budget queens” – yes, love it!

  11. Tabatha Clark says:

    Hello Kristine,
    I new I just bought my dream home, it’s on the water it’s wonderful,
    So tell I’m looking some of your free prints but the subscribe tag well not go away
    So HELP

    • Hi Tabatha

      I’m sorry, though I’m a little confused by your comment. Anyone can download my Free Printables – not sure what the subscribe tag has to do with anything? You can find them all here.


  12. Olivia Marsh says:

    Hi Kristine, I love what your did with the cabinet found in the gutter. The finished piece looks quite elegant and the map on the top was a terrific idea. The complimentary compass knobs added a whimsical touch and the map in a frame finished the look.
    The next cabinet I find in the gutter will not stay there!

  13. Marilou says:

    Beautiful site. Lovely prints. So glad to find you!

  14. Liana Teeter says:

    You have some great ideas and instructions. Especially for us who have no creative thumbs. Haha. Great site you have! Please continue.

  15. Alisia says:

    I just found your decal and jar project, linked from another website. I was so surprised to see that it’s an older post because it’s so timely — I’l rack up on savings vs the store bought canisters. Thanks for sharing your idea. I look forward to reading more about your affordable and awesome projects!

  16. Gailef says:

    I love your blog. Short and sweet, with great info and photos. You keep up the good work and I’ll keep up the reading.

  17. Susan Middelberg says:

    So inspiring. I admire your energy and spirit

  18. Marilyn Bennett says:

    I love the oversized pages so much. The Run Away Bunny is a favorite of mine and my son, who is now 37 because he threatened to runaway on occasion. I bought him the book when he was four years old and quoted it often. He and his wife are expecting a baby boy any minute and when I ran across it, I choked up! I have never seen it “written” anywhere else. I am so excited to give it to my son in celebration of his new baby boy-who most likely will at some point, want to runaway!! Thank you. Thank you.

    • Hi again Marilyn
      How did you go getting the artwork printed? I’m so glad you found it :)

  19. JanetLee says:

    I am new to Australia! Love your site. It has given me hope to do what I have always dreamed. Making throw aways into treasures. Thank you, looking forward to your posts. JanetLee an American living in Wagga.

    • Thanks so much JanetLee. It’ lovely to know I have helped inspire you. Thanks for reading along :)

  20. Linda Hendricks says:

    I love your posts and ideas, they are awesome.

  21. Brenda Lewis says:

    just discovered your website, it is just full of great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing
    Vancouver Island, BC Canada

  22. Lisa Trainor says:

    Thank you for sharing your talents, your work is beautiful. I downloaded your Mother Therese quote and am currently framing it. I can’t wait to hang it in my bedroom. I would not want to spend the $200.00 on the store version (even though it is worth it) but because of your generosity I can create an affordable one. Your blog is lovely and inspirational. Thank you.

    • Thanks so much. Yes, I agree. Even when the cost of an item is ‘worth it’, sometimes it’s still simply not an option. Glad to have been able to help you. Feel free to send me a photo of your finished sign – I’d love to see it Lisa :)

  23. Brenda Holland says:

    Hello Kristine,
    First; I love your site and admire your talent. My problem is I have trouble visualizing the possibilities of a room or project. Once, I made over a garage into a billiard room. I love blue but it looked like smurfs had vomited over the whole place. So, do you have a suggestion to help me “visualize,” what would look good (and what wouldn’t!), before I spend a ton of $$$$ and waste what precious time I have. I have 2 homes (1969 & 1970), to renovate and frankly, I’m scared to start. Thank you in advance,
    Brenda Holland RN
    PS I apologize if this is too long and if you can’t respond; no offense will be taken. I will just keep researching. Good Day Mate!

    • Hi Brenda
      Ha, ha, “smurfs had vomited over the whole place”! Are you on Facebook? I recently started a Home Decorating Facebook Group and often help people with design and colour questions. Sometimes I even create virtual renderings for them. There are lots of other lovely ladies in the group too who offer wonderful advice. You can find the group here:
      If you’d prefer not to join the group and ask your questions there, then I would suggest sticking with a neutral canvas and adding colour with accessories. Otherwise, I do offer a virtual design service – feel free to contact me for more info if desired.

  24. Ilda says:

    Good day!! I love your blog. This is my first entry and hopfully not the last. My favorite quote is by Dr Suess: “You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”
    Keep on keeping on.


  25. Rob Cartwright says:

    Hi Kristine,
    My name is Rob. I just happened upon your web site, love your ideas! I have just recently retired, my back ground is Building Design. My hobby was small furniture design and construction and on seeing your site you have enspired me to start it up again.
    I did register to subscibe to your site but I did not receive the confirmation email, so I thought I would drop you a quick note. I will certainly be following your “blog” awsome!

    • Hi Rob
      Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me a message. I’m so flattered to have helped inspire you to take up your hobby again. There’s just something so rewarding about using your head and hands to create!
      Also, have just added you to my mailing list :)

  26. Anna Smith says:

    Hi Kristine,
    I found you today so, thought I’d drop by and say hello! :-)

  27. Leslie says:

    Your blog is wonderful I wish you could post more often do you post more on Facebook or twitter if so I might get one.

    • Hi Leslie
      Thanks so much. I wish I could post more often too! I am on Facebook and Instagram (not so much Twitter) where I do share a few extra bits and pieces. You can find my account links in my blog header or sidebar.

  28. Helen says:

    I was looking on the domino this morning they had an article on Target Hacks. I thought it was pretty interesting that one of them looked so much like one of your previous projects – the Salvo’s Re-Love drawers from 2014. Not only the drawers are done the same but the dressing for the photos are very similar to your style. I just thought she should have given you some credit that’s all. It’s just too similar for her not to have seen your work beforehand. The blog was I Spy DIY.

    • Thanks so much for letting me know Helen. Sorry, where did you see it? On the Domino website? Do you have a link by chance?

  29. Hi Kristie,
    Just subscribed and love what you do!
    Cheers, Debra

  30. Michelle Johnston says:

    Hi Kristine,
    I just stumbled across your page and I couldn’t be happier. this is AWESOME! As a single mum and a student trying to update my house, you have provided me with some solutions I can implement. Thank you so much. I love seeing Women build Women. Thank you for the strength and inspiration.

    Michelle x

    • Thanks so, so much Michelle. Comments like this are the absolute BEST!

  31. Hi Kristine,
    You are a wonderful DIY talent, congratulations on your great blog and business success. As an Interior Designer I ADORE fabulous, functional, chic and elegant interiors. But I’m a hopless DIYer. However, you do give me inspiration and hope that I will tackle my first project soon. Love your work. Congratulatons. All th best, Penelope Herbert – Plush Design Interiors

    • Hi Penelope
      Thanks so much for the lovely compliment. Am totally thrilled I might have inspired you :)
      I was just looking at your website – beautiful! If I may be so bold, what rendering program do you use? Please feel free not to reply if you’d rather not disclose. I have an amateur version of Chief Architect, which I do like, though it just doesn’t produce the same level of realism.

      • Hi Kristine,
        Thank you for your response and for looking at my website. I use a program called Room Sketcher with which I am very happy. Technically it’s not a rendering site. I design the floor plans, include all the decor and the program generates images from my chosen ‘camera’ position. My clients find it very useful for envisaging their renovation before any construction is considered. Keep up the beautful work. Yes, you are very inspiring :-) Cheers, Penelope

        • Thanks so much. I looked at that program a few months ago though only the free version which didn’t include any 3D camera views. Maybe I should trial the paid option.

          • Hi Kristine, I have been very happy with Room Sketcher. It does take a little practice to get going and I’m always learning new things. However, their ‘how to’ videos and instructions are very clear and their customer support is very very good. Very responsive. I have more 3D images on my website ( and also a 3D walk-through example. I tried Chief Architect after you mentioned it and it has some awesome abilities. Probably too many for me right now, but great program. Thanks for all the insoiration and sharing. Warmest, Penelope

  32. Fadilah Ansari says:

    I love printmaking. An avid printmaker myself, i fell on your website by accident. Was looking for ideas on fabric prints, and wow i gotta say i love works. very refreshing and you make it look so easy.. truly inspiring.. thanks for great content.
    By the way.. greetings from Malaysia. :)

  33. Thelma Frail says:

    Holey Moley!!! You are one very talented woman. I appreciate the incredibly detailed directions and hints. I will probably never do any of these, however, if I were so inclined I would take it on with your directions, only.

  34. Leslie Wood says:

    Hi Kristine,

    I LOVE your website! You have a beautiful and very inspiring style – thanks for sharing all of this.


  35. Arlene says:

    Hi, my name is Arlene and I am probably old enough to be your grandmother. LOL I joined your website at least a year ago from a different site I was visiting or asking how to achieve a DIY project. When I was quite a bit younger I did all kinds of crafts and DIY projects, I do not do too many projects anymore but my interest is still learning all the new techniques for the new decor style. So many great refinishing do overs on furniture for an updated look.I could spend hours reading about the different paint finishes etc. I just wanted to thank you so much for your time and energy that you put into your website. I appreciate every thing I read and learn from you. God Bless You.

    Arlene Murphy
    Arizona, United States

    • Arlene, thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. It’s always so lovely to hear that the time I put into my blog is appreciated. Thank you.

  36. anne says:

    Seriously pinning every other post of your blog for our new home! I appreciate all the work you put into each post. You have great pictures and easy to follow directions! Thank you for what you do!
    Anne from Ohio

    • Thanks so much Anne. I do like to produce detailed posts for my readers so it’s lovely to know it’s appreciated :)

  37. LAURA LUBIN says:

    I’m looking to do a kitchen with blue & white Moroccan motifs in certain areas. Any ideas would be helpful.
    Thanks, Laura

    • Hi Laura
      Maybe you could go with a Moroccan tiled backsplash?

      • LAURA LUBIN says:

        I wanted to find some tile motifs that i could use elsewhere and leave the backsplash as a solid. do you have any good sources for motifs?

        • I’ll email you Laura. Will be easier to share pics and chat that way :)

  38. kay quinton says:


  39. phoenix says:

    Merry Christmas

  40. veronica says:

    he iniciado el camino y con tu página de la mano me ha sido mas facil y me ha hecho mucha ilusión, ojalá y logre la calidad que tienes, muchas felicidades y gracias

  41. chantal noël says:

    wow,j’adore ce que vous faites,bravo!
    vous avez des doigts de fée :)

  42. Angela Messerschmitt says:

    Thank you for the lead on the Audubon Society’s downloadable pictures. Have always had a great love of birds and I enjoy reading his description of the birds.

  43. Kara L Synwolt says:

    Hi Kristine,
    I love what you did to make-over your glass top coffee table!! I have a large oval glass top coffee table I love, however, the glass fits into a small wooden edge so it is level with the surrounding edge of dark polished wood. The legs are metal with rustic bronze black and it has a metal oval shelf under the glass. My biggest problem is the glass is not flush directly to the inner edge, so, crumbs, dust, warping for drinks has caused me to put it is storage.
    I was thinking of covering the glass from underneath with self adhesive wall paper or privacy glass which comes with many options.
    Do you have any idea’s, or, suggestions for me? I love your map and the subdued color. I am wanting something tan, neutral, etc.
    Thanks so much,
    Kara Synwolt

    • Hi Kara

      You could definitely cover the under-side of the glass with any kind of decorative paper or film you like. Of course, most wallpapers are designed to be adhered from the back (which is plain) so you would need to attach it in reverse – this would mean that you couldn’t take advantage of any pre-pasted or self-stick papers as you would need to apply your own glue to the top of the paper. I think a decorative privacy film would be cool. I’ve seen some really beautiful designs in plain white frosting or subtle coloured patterns. If the mis-alignment of the table edge and glass is causing a problem, could you maybe look into beading it with clear silicone/caulking right around the perimeter?

      I know Amazon has lots of privacy film. Maybe you could also look at posters from somewhere like Society 6 (not sure how large your table is so they may not be big enough). A wall mural could also be cool. Lots of wallpaper suppliers will custom make and size murals and they aren’t necessarily expensive. You could possibly also use a pretty fabric. Just saturate it in a diluted craft glue or starch solution then smooth it onto the glass. Lots of options :)


  44. Stephen Ryan says:

    Well, I followed a Link from Bob Villa’s site whilst I was looking for something new to do with a kitchen window, other than the crappy, dinghy curtains. I happened upon your DIY article for the Rollup Valance which was perfect to match up for the Roman Shade I am finishing up on. Then, one link led to another, and well, dinner is going to be a bit later than usual today. I just added your site to my bookmarks and signed up for the e-mail sub, and now I can cook. Everything I’ve seen so far seems doable and most are perfect for the renovation of our home.

    Thank you for your wonderful site and ideas, Kristine, and I’m looking forward to what is yet to come.

    • Thanks so much. I’m glad you found me. Hope dinner was yum :)

  45. Marqueeta Hartman says:

    Hi. I just happened to find your message on The Painted Hive. I enjoy doing projects for family and friends. I do a lot of cross stitch and some crocheting, I enjoy getting ideas that I find on my email. I want to thank you for your post.

  46. Lauren says:

    I just wanted to say I adore your blog! As both a new blogger and just a girl trying to renovate and design my own home on a budget, your blog is a wealth of information! And you give me something to aspire too! Keep up the good work!

    • Aw, thanks so much Lauren :) Good luck with your blog and renos!

  47. Shondra Pruitt says:

    I just found your little corner on the internet and love it! Thank you for the blue and white ceramic prints! I have a collection of blue and white China that was my grandmother’s, and blue and white anything are my cup of tea! I am a wife and mom of a grown son from Acworth, Georgia. Thanks again! I will definitely be back to visit!

    Shondra Pruitt

    • Hi again! My mum is a blue and white fiend too! She inspired these prints.

  48. Cindee Rigdon says:

    Just wanted to say Hi! From Shreveport,Louisiana. Have you ever visited Louisiana ? The summers are hot and sometimes we don’t have a winter. It’s been up in the 100’s this past week or two

    • Hi Cindee. Well, I’m in Australia and haven’t visited the States yet. I live in the southern part of the country and it’s currently Winter here. Still, we don’t get snow or anything where I am. In Summer we often have weeks of temps in the 100’s, though it’s not very humid. More of a dry heat.

  49. Barb Palmer says:

    Kristine, I just LOVED the faux flat file drawer makeover!! Sure is cheaper than finding a flat file. I will be following you now. Thank you for great ideas.

  50. Beverly A. Dugar says:

    I just found your site and absolutely love it! Hands down one of the very best. We have been in our new house, having moved from the mountains of Colorado to the Florida Space Coast, about 2 weeks (yes, just in time for the Dorian hurricane scare). I was looking for new ideas that would better suit our new home and you have already filled my mind with so many ideas! My first craft will be the mud cloth pillow (IKEA hack). Thank you!!!

    • Thanks so much Beverly. What a lovely compliment.

      Hope all is well following the hurricane forecast! Very scary!

      So thrilled to have helped inspire you :)