Although this is my blog, it’s not really about me.

It’s about interior decorating (awesome!) which means there’s usually not a whole heap of personal stuff going on.

I know that for most of my visitors this is totally fine though I’m also aware there are some readers who like to know a bit more about the actual person behind the virtual voice.

So if, like me, you are inherently curious, here’s a long, unashamedly self-indulgent and completely unnecessary list of stuff you probably don’t care to know about me.

In no particular order….

1. I have green eyes. Well, actually, hazel, though green sounds much more glamorous.
2. I learned piano for six years when I was younger.
3. My middle name is Lee.
4. My first paid job was delivering local newspapers.
5. My husband is a primary school teacher.
6. I used to play state-league netball.
7. I worked at Target for two years when I was in high school.
8. My first car was a 1980’s sky blue Mitsubishi Sigma.
9. I love animals.
10. I love breakfast. It’s the best meal of the day.
11. I enjoy cooking and baking.
12. I’m not 100% certain, though I’m pretty sure I’m a reasonably ugly crier.
13. I love to dance.
14. I wish I could sing.
15. I have an older brother and a younger sister.
16. I am a middle child.
17. In my opinion brussel sprouts rock!
18. I suck at math.
19. I have never broken any bones (of my own or others).
20. I vacuum on average once a day.
21. I have a minor fear of heights.
22. I can’t wink with my left eye.
23. I want to travel more.
24. I hardly ever wear jewellery (including my own wedding ring).
25. For a while I worked late nights in a bar.
26. I’m most comfortable in my pj’s.
27. I eat around half a kilo of baby spinach each week.
28. I am, at times, ridiculously practical.
29. I am, at times, unapologetically impractical.
30. I am the world’s single worst mobile phone answerer.
31. I wear moccasins way more places than I should.
32. I can’t concentrate on anything until the house is at least half tidy.
33. I’d like to make better friends with my sewing machine.
34. I get bored at the movies.
35. I am quiet. Not shy. Just quiet.
36. I was born in 1982.
37. I mentally re-decorate pretty much every room I walk into.
38. I could drink banana smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
39. I’m not a girly-girl though I do like lace, high heels and pink nail polish.
40. I’m not a tomboy though I do like footy, bourbon and powertools.
41. Fairy lights make me smile.
42. Sometimes I concentrate really hard on trying to move objects with my mind.
43. I’m an eternal optimist.
44. I am not into gossip.
45. I make an effort to stay fit and healthy.
46. I am a hopeless dishwasher stacker (or so I’ve been told – numerous times).
47. I’m a part-time perfectionist.
48. I am a chuck-er-outerer, not a hold-er-onerer.
49. I love surprises. Even if I know where you’ve hidden my present, I won’t peek.
50. I have lost my drivers licence (twice) for speeding. I’m now reformed – promise.
51. I did callisthenics when I was really little.
52. I am not a worrier.
53. I am a list writer.
54. Sometimes, when I start eating ice-cream I struggle to stop.
55. It really bothers me that I don’t have the time to execute all the ideas in my head.
56. I do not like conflict or confrontation.
57. I’m a hard worker.
58. I have a weird knack for organising cupboards.
59. I love the cosiness of winter.
60. I love nearly everything about summer.
61. I can’t stand childish politics. Make that politics full stop.
62. I actually truly believe that one day I will pick the winning lotto numbers.
63. I rarely, if ever, drink tea or coffee. What a weirdo, huh?
64. One day I will go skydiving (maybe).
65. I’m not an early morning person, nor am I a night owl. What does that make me?
66. Sometimes I play golf. Very rarely nowadays.
67. I wish I had more of a green thumb.
68. I love the idea of getting in the car and just driving.
69. I adore hydrangeas.
70. Owls are awesome. Just sayin’.
71. I had a major crush on Leonardo Decaprio when I was fourteen.
72. I reckon a good cuddle can fix just about anything.
73. My ‘down-the-isle’ wedding song was ‘This Years Love’ by David Gray.
74. I wear my hair up nearly every day.
75. To me there’s just something special about sipping champagne.
76. I like running though don’t do it nearly often enough nowadays.
77. In my house there are no coasters, placemats or tablecloths.
78. I’m trusting.
79. I’m independent (usually).
80. I’ve snorkelled with several a sharks. Harmless ones, though sharks none the less.
81. I love Christmas time.
82. I hate making the bed though once it’s done I always think, “well, that was easy”.
83. One day I’d like to learn to speak another language. French, maybe?
84. I am terrible at remembering names.
85. In grade six I was school captain.
86. My favourite colour fluctuates though more often than not it’s a shade of green.
87. I like the idea of reading intellectual books.
88. I struggle with the reality of reading intellectual books.
89. I’m not fussy with food, I’ll try just about anything.
90. I’m gentle and calm (99% of the time).
91. I love a good BBQ.
92. I know it’s cliche, though I reckon being a Mum is the best thing ever.
93. I find the thought of public speaking kinda daunting.
94. Butterflies make me smile.
95. Sometimes I get way too excited about second-hand furniture.
96. I’m not good at asking for help.
97. Even with a husband who brings home lots of school yard germs, I rarely get sick.
98. I’m average in height.
99. At a restaurant I would choose a fruity dessert over a chocolatey one.
100. After high school, I started university. I went for exactly one day.
101. I feel incredibly grateful to have finally found my calling.