Now, I don’t mean to sound immodest (truly ruly :-) though I consider interior spatial planning one of my design strengths and it certainly came in handy when I was contacted by Jana who was after some fresh inspiration for her teeny-tiny living room.

At around 10×10 feet/3×3 meters (and with three doorways plus two windows competing for precious wall space too) a clever layout solution was certainly called for.

Here’s the room before…

Jana wanted a fresh, comfortable space where her young family could hang out together, watch TV and relax.

I came up with three alternate floor plans for Jana and themed each one differently to give her a few style options. Though each style is paired with a particular floor plan in my renderings, obviously they can be adapted to suit any of the layouts.

Concept Plan 1
Concept Plan 2
Concept Plan 3

All very different though all very do-able!

And here’s part of Jana’s sweet response…

“First off, wow!! Thank you so much! We love your vision and the different ideas. So far we are loving Concept 2. We like the conversation area (furniture arrangement) and the different pieces. Concept 1 is nice too!
We can’t stop looking at them all and checking online for pieces that will work in the room.
Thank you for all your hard work as I know our space is a challenge. I can’t wait to get started! Thank you for making our space feel more like us!!
Greatly thankful,

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