As I type there’s an infant attached to my boob so just a quick one today :-)

I’ve had this boring pink-limed dining table for ages and finally got around to giving it a simple yet effective make-over. I originally picked it up for $10 off eBay.

I wanted to give it it a sleek classic feel so painted the base with satin black acrylic then sealed it with clear acrylic poly.

To give the top more character, after sanding it back to raw, I stained it walnut and added horizontal score lines to resemble planks. You can read my tutorial for that in this previous post.

For a sleek and durable finish I then sealed the top with three coats of timber floor polish.

Along with being tough, floor polish is super shiny and always tends to add a little ‘wow’.

And for those who are interested; fifteen weeks old now!