Dining Chairs Anyone?

After almost five years it’s finally time to let go of my beloved IKEA dining chairs.

And when I say beloved, I do mean it. I really adore these chairs with their strappy crossed backs and charming striped seat pads, but…

…with my new leather sofas and timber top coffee table the conjoined living-dining room is just looking all too ‘brown’. Sure, I could paint the chairs any number of delightful shades though…well, let’s be honest, I just want something new. And that’s okay, isn’t it?

Something different, a little industrial, even metal perhaps…

I know these tolix chairs are kinda everywhere at the moment though dismissing something just because it’s popular seems a little illogical to me. Besides, I have loved them for ages.

  1. Kym says:

    Love your IKEA chairs but am really feeling the influence of industrial…. Looking for some Tolix stools for my kitchen…can’t wait to see what you do..Have a great weekend X

  2. Deanne says:

    I am sure your new chairs will look great!

  3. I love those IKEA chairs. I bought the last red one our IKEA had when it was in the Fundgrube (scratch and dent, display) section. I ♥ it so much.

  4. Inês Seabra says:

    I love that industrial look. Go for it!

  5. I’m also a big fan of the Tolix and am really wanting the copper version made by Anthropologie.

    Nice choice for a sturdy, easy to clean dining chair. Even better choice when kids are in the house! In about a year and a half, you’ll be patting yourself on the back getting these!

  6. I have LOVED those industrial chairs forever as well. I say do it, do it, do it!

  7. Aaaawww…. They must be pretty hard to let go. They’re lovely! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  8. 00bluefish00 says:

    Hi Kristine – I love your blog! – I just found it! Your rooms look great – can you pls tell me where you got your tolix chairs from? I am keen to buy ASAP as I am renovating at the moment and driving my husband crazy!
    Thanks, Kylie

  9. Hi Kylie. I hope you see my reply, I couldn’t see another way to contact you. My tolix chairs are from Sokol (just Google them). Cheers, Kristine.

  10. I too am loving the tolix chairs, I would love to get some as well. But at the moment I have so many kitchen chairs I couldn’y justfy getting more. May be I could sell some, but I love them all.

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  12. Lindsay Anne says:

    Okay Kristine, I am your newest follower! I have read through four of your most recent posts and I have fallen in love with your style. It really only took one post to do that but I figured I would try reading some others… ;)
    Thank you for sharing all your insight!

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