In early 2010, whilst browsing the internet, I stumbled upon….something.
I was amazed and instantly addicted (in my casual manner of obsession).
It was awesome.
Full of real home improvement advice from a real person.
There were furniture revivals, budget DIY projects, thrifty decorating tips.
And there were comments and references and credits which led to a whole like-minded on-line community.
So, what was this glorious thing?
It was a blog.

Despite being hooked, I had no initial intentions of beginning my own blog though after just a few short months already found myself left-clicking my first “publish” button.
I’m still not certain exactly what compelled me, though I think it was a combination of wanting to both diarise and share my own decorating endeavours.

After purchasing my first ‘house’ in 2005 I’ve been committed to creating a beautiful yet liveable ‘home’ on a budget.  The Painted Hive is my on-line journal of the journey and the place I share real projects, fresh ideas and evocative inspiration which I hope helps motivate others.

My philosophy is simple: make the most of what you’ve got – which usually involves finding innovative ways of turning trash into treasure. I believe there are always affordable alternatives to things which are otherwise unattainably exorbitant.

An important aspect of my blog is enlightening, empowering and encouraging others so I focus on publishing fresh content written in a thoughtful and thorough way. Connecting with people is central to all that I do (without visitors The Painted Hive would be a lonesome place indeed!) so please know that your readership is immeasurably appreciated and unceasingly motivating – your engagement through comments is particularly valued.

My little blog has no dastardly plot for global domination. In the interest of keeping it real I stick to content which reflects my own personal style. If it appeals to more than a handful of people, then yay!

With a young family, at the moment my first priority is being Mum (and I guess I should say wife too, I s’pose) though I am passionate about my blog and post whenever I have something worthy of its virtual pages.


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