Can you help me with some design advice?
If you have a simple question, feel free to contact me (just be aware that due to time restraints my response may not be particularly comprehensive – and unfortunately, on occasion, I may be unable to respond at all). I love trying to help out!
If you are interested in a tailored consultation, please view this page for further information about the services I can offer.

Where do you shop for all of the furniture and décor in your house?
Pretty much all of my furniture and much of my décor is second-hand. I scour old-wares stores and shop online through eBay, Marketplace and Gumtree. I also love checking out Etsy and Amazon for unique items and great deals. If you have a question about the source of a specific item, please feel free to ask (though do bear in mind I am based in Australia).

How do you buy furniture from eBay?
It’s easy!
There are a few basic search filters I almost always use to make browsing easier (note: some terms may differ slightly depending on your country).
Categories – Antiques/Furniture and Home & Garden/Furniture.
These are the two categories I browse most often. If ever I’m after a specific item I can also further narrow the fields based on room (such as ‘Bedroom’) or item (such as ‘Table’).
Sort By – Time: Ending Soonest or Time: Newly Listed.
Showing listings which are ‘ending soonest’ first gives me the opportunity to swoop on any potential bargains. Showing listings which are ‘newly listed’ first gives me the opportunity to view fresh items.
Distance – Within 200km of “Your Postcode”.
To avoid prohibitively expensive shipping costs, I only search for furniture within around 200km of my postcode so I know I can collect it personally.
Price – Up to $200.
Depending on what I’m looking for I will usually set a price maximum of around $100-$200.

Can you offer some blogging advice?
Ummm, me? Really? Well, I’m flattered!
I consider myself far from a ‘proper’ blogger though I have learned quite a lot over the last few years and am always happy to try and help others by sharing my experience (for me that is what blogging is all about!). Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have (relating to blog design, content or promotion) – I’ll do my bestest to offer a helpful response.

What photo editing and graphic design program do you use?
I’m lucky to have Photoshop CS4. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m just a bit in love with it too!
Two free alternatives are GIMP and (for Windows only).

Where can I buy the products you use for your projects?
Have you checked the post details? I always try to list my project sources for your convenience. Still can’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact me.

Where can I buy Magic Decal Paper?
It can be purchased online here (from an Australian based eBay store) or here (from a US based online decal supply store). A similar product (please note that the application process differs from that outlined in my tutorial) can also be bought here (from a UK based online craft paper store).

Are your indoor plants real or artificial?
Both. Ideally, I would have only real plants though I’ve already tried and failed at that – numerous times. All of my topiaries are artificial. My succulents and ferns are real. Quite often I will also use fronds and small branches clipped from trees and shrubs in my backyard.

Who designed your blog?
Surprisingly….me! It was a loooong process and I had some help with the programming side of things though I learnt heaps and it was incredibly gratifying.

What type of paint do you use on furniture?
I generally use discarded or mis-tinted standard wall paint. I do this because I get it for free (or at very low cost) and also because I find it gives a good result. If I’m feeling particularly fancy or creative, or if I’m after a specific finish, I might use a speciality paint.

Where did you get the huge map above your bed?
I created it myself. You can read this post for further information.

What are your house paint colours?
Our walls throughout are painted ‘Chalk USA’, by Dulux.
Our architraves and skirts are ‘White Watsonia’, also by Dulux.

What kind of camera doe you use?
I have a Nikon D500. It’s quite an old model though it still serves me well.


Didn’t find the answer you were looking for above? Feel free to contact me.