The Painted Hive is open to collaborating with select brands in a variety of effective ways, including, though not limited to, those listed below.


See your brand or product featured in one of my blog posts. Blog post promotion may take many forms (including reviews, round-ups, giveaways, and so on), however my preferred method, and perhaps the most effective, is project integration.

Project integration will see your brand positively endorsed (complete with relevant backlinks) in a thoroughly organic way through the seamless incorporation of your products in my very own personal projects. I am always on the cusp of at least one-hundred-and-twenty-seven fresh projects, and also relish the challenge of constructing new and fun ideas around particular products.



Take advantage of the influencer movement by promoting fresh products, fabulous new sales, exciting upcoming events, or just your brand in general, via dedicated posts on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. A great way to reach your target audience.



I understand all businesses are different and am happy to be accordingly flexible. Perhaps you’re interested in procuring a brand ambassador or are seeking freelance content. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with your own ideas and preferences.



If you’re interested in bundling several promotional techniques into one comprehensive campaign I would be more than happy to discuss tailoring a special package at a discounted rate.



As a general rule, I do not accept guest content in any form. I’m also opposed to keyword text links (unless incredibly relevant).



Successful partnerships hinge on credibility. As such, authenticity and pertinence are essential. For that reason (and out of respect for my readers, for my own personal integrity and the long term viability of prosperous brand partnerships) I am incredibly selective about the brands I choose to work with and the ways in which I work with them. All potential advertisers are carefully vetted and accepted at my discretion based on several factors, some of which include; if they are a brand I do/would use, if they will enrich my reader’s experience, how well they relate to the nature of my blog, if they reflect my own taste/style, how closely they align with my own personal ethos. In essence, if I don’t love something and think my readers will love it too, I simply won’t consider promoting it.

I particularly relish the opportunity to promote small businesses and like-minded blogs.


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