Library Card Cabinet Upcycle

Whada you do when you come across something you really love?

Something for your home that you know there is no practical place or use for?

Do you buy it just because?

Just because you might never come across one again? Just because it was a really good price? Just because your mother’s sister’s second cousin Mavis had one just like it? Just because you could remove that, paint this, add some of these and turn it into an umbrella stand?

Well, a while ago I bought this old library card cabinetI bought ‘just because’.

It sat in my junk room serving absolutely no purpose for about a year until the arrival of Charlotte saw my junk room (which was the temporary home for many of my ‘just because’ items) become a nursery.

So, with our shortage of storage space made even shorter it was finally time to let some things go, starting with my card drawer cabinet.

Before selling it though I decided a mini makeover was in order.

Rather than paint over the character-filled timber I simply gave it a good all over clean and oil (just with furniture polish) to retain and enhance the original patina.

I also attached some solid metal castor wheels (as I had always originally intended). Along with the advantage of mobility the wheels also add enough height to give the cabinet perfect proportions for a coffee or deep side table.

I could only find silver steel castors which looked too modern paired with the old cabinet so I tinted them black to resemble cast iron.
Here’s a little trick; rather than use spray paint (which easily chips off smooth metal) I coloured the wheels with a black permanent marker! It sounds time-consuming though it was actually really quick and so far has held up great. Whilst I imagine it will likely fade a little over time where the wheels roll it will probably look nicely worn rather than just plain chipped.

So, mini refresh complete, I re-arranged my living room a bit to plonk the cabinet beside my leather couch to take some photos for the eBay listing and….

….I’m kinda loving it!

Luke even made the rare comment that he also liked it!

Did I say we have a shortage of storage space and it was time to let some things go? Well, maybe not this…for now anyway.

Hmmm, perhaps I should stop buying stuff ‘just because’.

  1. Brooks says:

    Where did you find the caster wheels you used?

    • I just found them at my local hardware store. They are super common and come in a few different sizes. As mentioned in my post, originally they had a silver steel finish and I painted them black.

  2. Magda says:

    I’m looking for a leather sofa! Can you please tell me who is the manufacturer of your sofa?
    Greetings Magda

    • Hi Magda
      My couch is from Plush Sofas however it’s around seven years old and they no longer sell it.

  3. Magda says:

    I’m looking for a sofa. Exactly the same as in the picture! Can you tell me the manufacturer or the name of the style?
    Thank you!
    Greetings Magda

    • Hi again Magda
      I replied to your initial comment yesterday. Did you not get the message?
      My couch is around seven years old and is no longer sold by the store where I purchased it. I’m sorry, though I’m unaware of the manufacturer and can’t recall the name of the style.

  4. Angel says:

    Color me confused. You took this *out* of the nursery? What could be more perfect for baby clothes? You could also turn the top into a changing table.

    • I needed a much larger storage unit for the nursery so bought a big antique dresser, which I also used as the changing table. It was just a small room so I could only fit the cot, the dresser and a feeding chair. The library card cabinet just wasn’t quite right.

  5. Patty says:

    Never stop buying the just because…because it is usually something special!!

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