Cottage Chair Makeover

I bought four of these second-hand colonial carvers (advertised as dining chairs) for $5 each with visions of using them with my dining table. Though when I picked them up and saw them in person I knew straight away it was not to be….they were massive and waaay too imposing for my little dining space.

So, they sat in my parent’s garage for a while, looking sad and dusty, waiting for me to get motivated (or for my Dad to run out of actual firewood- whichever came first):

I eventually mustered enough creative energy to make-over one of them in a simple white, ticking and toile theme.

The head rest has a wonderful pressed-back.

Given the amount of detail in the chair’s frame I used a spray gun to paint it before distressing the finish and coating it with a clear acrylic sealer.
The co-ordinating footstool was built from scratch out of old timber. It was then upholstered and given four cute little feet made from cut down old side table legs.

The braid trim gives a nice finishing touch.

The plain seat pad was enhanced with the addition of four buttons and to complete the look a new cushion was made from ticking and toile.

Now complete, this charming little ensemble is like a breath of fresh air. What a sweet addition for someone’s living room, reading corner or boudoir.

  1. Nancy says:

    Very, very sweet! It looks great white! The entire arrangement is so nice!


  2. Tina says:

    Oh Kristine, I love it!! You do the most beautiful projects! I would love to buy it, but it looks a little big to post!! Hope it finds a lovely new owner. I love your little foot stool and your gorgeous cushions too!! Wishing you a wonderful day ~ Tina xx

  3. Suzanne says:

    I love both the chair and the footstool. The white wood with the blue and white fabric is beautiful!

  4. Andrea says:

    Oh, it looks wonderful! Love all the little detail that you gave it, and the foot stool is adorable too. What fun to see your great projects time after time!

  5. Kerri says:

    You are so clever, these look amazing! I love these chairs, and picked up a set of six some time ago. Haven’t been game to paint them yet as they’re in original condition, but now I’ve seen your post I’ve changed my mind. Off now to break out the spray gun! K xx

  6. That chair is lovely! Definately looks like somewhere I could sip my tea and read a good book :) The footstall is great too…love the fabric used on it.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog : D I have never been to Australia before but I would love to! The spiders and other insect bit that you mentioned would make me freak out though LOL!!
    Maybe one day….

    Thanks Gemma X

  7. I saw this chair and stool in your sidebar and loved it. I see these chairs all the time on craigslist in my city. Painting it white made it so charming. I love the way you recycle and reuse old pieces (ie. footstool legs). Again, your finished pieces are presented so beautifully; you are a wonderful stylist! Thanks for popping by my blog!

  8. This looks similar to my dining chairs although I don’t have armchairs. Love it in white and I’d love to see the black version. Love your little footstool, too!

  9. it looks fabulous! love the blue and white combo- suits that chair as it is very classic. i especially love the little stool you built- it’s adorable and it just adds so much to the scene. can’t wait to see the black one!

  10. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for the comment! I love your blog! You’ve got great ideas! I’m now following you! Can’t wait to read more!!


  11. Meg says:

    Oh my, this is so beautiful. I love the detail in the chair and the white just enhances it. And the little footstool! So lovely! You did the upholstering yourself as well?? Impressive!

  12. CLEAN MAMA says:

    LOVE IT! Can I come to Australia and sit in it? I love how you “staged” it! Spray paint rocks!

  13. Maureen says:

    I love it. I have one little pressed-back chair at my dining table, and am looking for three more. I planed to paint them white when I have finally scored them all. The chair you made over with the foot stool would be a perfect addition to my living room. But getting it to the U.S. might be a problem. I’ll definitely save your post for inspiration for when I find mine.

  14. CASA BRASI says:

    The ottoman is BRILLIANT. Did you do that yourself? If so, do you have a tutorial? Would love to learn how to make that!

  15. Oh My I love it, I love how you used the ticking on the edges and toile in the middle- i need to give that a try- im just not so great at straight lines- But you inspired me to give it a try again.. Just Beautiful…
    THanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment..
    Great Job and love the mini ottoman- great accent to the chair…

  16. This all looks so good. I am really glad I saw this on POPP. One of my favs.

  17. Bella says:

    Hi, The chair looks lovely & I love the ottoman! The ticking and toile pillow is so delightful:-)

  18. Hi Kristine love the chair. I have been considering for sometime to purchase an airless spray gun for my painting projects. Can you recommend one given your experience.
    Thanks Sandy

  19. Laura says:

    You did a beautiful job on the upholstery. It looks flawless!

    I am linking to the same party. Stop by if you have time.

    White Spray Paint

  20. Great job. So cute. Love the white. Thanks for stopping by. Can’t wait to see what other creations you come up with.

  21. Love this transformation! Featured you on my blog today:)

  22. wowww! I love this little corner you’ve set up for yourself :) The chair is just so lovely! And that footstool is adorable!

    Thanks for sharing!

  23. Your chair has come up beautifully well! xx

  24. I love the footstool. I’d love to learn how to recover my ottoman which is about the same dimensions, only higher.

  25. Sandy says:

    Just beautiful, I love what the white paint did for the chairs and all the little details you added to the the pillow and stool just make the whole arrangement great. thanks for sharing.

  26. junkermidge says:

    SOOOO Beautiful!!

  27. beautiful … I just love how you found you house.. what a great story..

  28. Very cute little corner. Love the ticking and toile together. You made some ebay seller very happy with this.

  29. Rory says:

    I followed you over from the Life As Lori link party. I am now a follower of yours. I would really love it if you stopped by and visited me too. Be sure to enter the drawing if you do. Keep up the good work. Rory

  30. I looove it! so sweet and charming! sitting pretty indeed! I have become a follower and would be honored if you choose to do the same!

  31. Sooooo much better in white ! love it.

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