Although I must admit I don’t actually have any tea trolleys in my home (hmmm, that might need to change) I do just love them. So when I spied this little guy on the curb I knew he’d be coming straight home with me.

I gotta say that he did kinda just sit around for a while at first. I was waiting for him to ‘tell’ me just what he wanted to become and eventually he did lean over and whisper in my ear, “Make me a girl. I wanna be all dressed-up in vintage cream and sweet sepia sheet music”.

Well, who am I to argue?

So, I got to cleaning and sanding, priming, painting and glazing decoupaging and sealing.

And eventually she emerged….

I love the original rusty old castors.

For that added little touch I covered the dowel hand rail with sheet music too.

I think he, oh…I mean she is much happier now!