We were out window shopping the other day (I swear, I wasn’t going to actually buy anything) when we spotted some sofas on sale. There were two two-seaters in premium waxed leather (mmm, that’s the vintage-looking kind – love) on floor-stock clearance for $1800 (for both!). In top grade leather they are normally over $2000 each!

This is them though our leather is more vintagey.

We have always wanted to up-grade our fabric living room sofas to traditional leather though couldn’t quite justify spending as much on them as a small car so when we saw this deal it turned our heads.

Because our living room is so tiny most of the sofas we’ve liked in the past have been way too big though these were just right. Luke was convinced it was meant to be; that some divine light had guided us to the store that day. I however had one very finicky reservation; I wasn’t 100% keen on the double rolled back. I know, weird and fussy right?

Soooo, after lots of umming and arring, impatient looks from the staff and my eventual realisation the double back would inevitably be covered with a pile of pillows anyway, we headed to the register and made them ours!

Of course, new sofas means (exciting!) new changes for the living room too.

Don’t get me wrong. There was nothing wrong with the room before though the sofas were really compact and kinda uncomfy and I was over cleaning up dirty dog paw prints.

“What? Who me? But look how sweet and innocent I am”.

With the new dark sofas the black coffee table will probably be replaced with something earthy and rustic and maybe a bit outside the box.

It will need to be square or round though so I might have to be a bit patient (oh poo!).

And with more brown in the room some of the timber furniture will probably go white. Like my dining table legs and/or chairs perhaps.