Chippy Painted Side Table

Is it too ambitious of me to hope there’s actually someone loyal enough they’re still around to read this post?

I’m now nicely settled back in at home with beautiful baby Charlotte and between putting milk in one end and cleaning it up out of the other (plus spending way too long just gazing in wonder) I have found time for some decorating, it’s just I haven’t until now found the time to blog about it!

You see, being a part-time perfectionist doesn’t easily lend itself to half-arsedness (if that is even a word) so, for me, putting together a decent blog post takes a fair bit of effort.

Anyhoo, the nursery is now nearly complete so hopefully I’ll share it soon enough though in the meantime here’s a little furniture re-do.

The day before I went into hospital I put the first coat of paint on this old round side table.

I was intending to finish it the very next day though needless to say that never happened so now, three months on, it’s finally complete!

Under different circumstances I would have retained the original walnut colour though this table was destined for my living room which already had enough ‘brown’ after the injection of our new leather sofas.

I’d also already re-finished this round coffee table….

….which I heavily distressed through sanding, so to avoid a ‘matchy-matchy’ look I decided on a more chippy finish for the side table.

Soooo, instead of sandpaper I used one of these….

That’s right, a surfboard wax comb! Call me crazy though it worked brilliantly. I simply rubbed it over the table in various places – using the straight sides, rounded end and the teeth – gradually chipping the paint off until I achieved my desired effect.

The flexibility in the comb teeth caused the paint to chip in a natural, random way. I found it worked best when rubbed in a slightly circular motion.

For best results ensure your paint isn’t adhered too well to begin with (that is, just sand your item very lightly before applying paint).

I finished my table with a sealing coat of tinted furniture wax and am really loving it in my living room.

I can’t believe she’s only been in the world for eight short weeks. I can’t imagine having never had her with us.

  1. niartist says:

    WOW! What a transformation. Oh you give me hope that I can do this myself one day!!!! Really, WOW. I’m bookmarking so I can remember this!!

    I love transformations! I just turned my secretary into a bar area in my dining room. I really hope you’ll stop by and check it out:

    See you soon, I hope!

  2. Siren says:

    Hi! Love what you did with the table! Your blog is amazing! :)

  3. Congratulations on your beautiful little one. It is remarkable that you got a post done at all, I remember well the baby years :)
    The table is lovely and perfectly chippy.

  4. chris says:

    beee you tea full bebe!
    love her name. ive been secretly hoping one day to have a grandbabay named charlotte.

  5. that table is fabulous! i have an old round, with a drawer table, sitting in my garage just waiting to be finished. now i know why i’ve put it off…i was waiting for this post! i want my table to look just like yours. what color paint did you use? what brand? any tips? i know how busy a new little one can be (and from a ‘seasoned’ mama…please enjoy every squishy moment!)but if you have a minute and could give me a few details on your stunning table it would sure be appreciated! kiss those sweet cheeks for me too!

  6. Holly says:

    The table is gorgeous – have you tried Annie Sloan Chalk Paint yet? If not, you’re sure to love it – give it a try! Charlotte is beautiful; makes me even more excited for the arrival of our 1st little one in January!

  7. becca says:

    How could we not hope you’d be back? What an incredible style you have and I love how you create pieces and edit using junk and new and making it all come together in a lived in, peaceful, clean, organized way.

    I’m excited to see what you will do now that you have Charlotte- children change our lives in so many amazing ways and all of a sudden new creative juices start flowing and revolving around this new person that, like you said, seems to have always been there and you can’t imagine how you could have never felt love like you do now. At least that’s how I feel about my own children.

    She’s lovely! And so are you!

  8. Paula says:

    What a darling little girl! Congratulations!

    I have a chipped coffee table in a light yellow that I was going to repaint, but after looking at your side table, I’ve changed my mind! No need to repaint it after all!

    Come by and visit me at Home in Douglas!

  9. What a great idea: looks perfect!!! …and so does that adorable baby! :)

  10. deb mills says:

    first, great table! and second, there’s no such thing as spending too much time gazing in wonder. enjoy every precious moment.

  11. Shaunna says:

    Congratulations, Kristine!!!!! We’re still here, and so happy baby Charlotte is doing well (and her mama). She’s beautiful! (and so is your table!)

  12. Congratulations on your beautiful baby! Thank you for the awesome tip. That is a good one. Visiting from MMS.

  13. Doda says:

    cool technique, and my goodness what a sweet pretty little baby! Awwww!

  14. Hi Kristine,

    We stumbled upon you and so glad we did. Your baby is adorable…. The makeover is fabulous. Think I’ll try that technique using the surfboard wax comb. Thank you for being so kind to share with us! Hugs & Brushes from new followers.

  15. oh, it’s been so long since I last checked in! You were newly pregnant and here she is! I am so glad you have a new love and a fab new post :) saw this on MMS, and I needed to see.

  16. karen renfroe says:

    I have never had success with the chippy look (haven’t tried it very many times, so I have little experience). Please tell me what type of paint you use for your first coat and do you do more than one coat? BTW, Charlotte is a doll. Thanks, K. Renfroe, FL

  17. Anonymous says:

    LOVE your look, and especially that sweet baby girl. We are looking for new couches, may I ask where you found your new brown leather couch? I love it too!


  18. kelly says:

    Love your post… the table is really cute… but the BABY… precious! I’m new from Miss Mustard seed. :)

  19. just found your blog today. love the table – and the fan is awesome, too – and your chippy technique if very creative. your daughter is beautiful. i remember when mine was that small. then i woke up one day and she was 15!!!! time goes quickly. enjoy your little one.

  20. penny barns says:

    Hi, i am new to this blogging thing. but i am loving your blogs….i am about to build a very large home and i have no idea on design. so i will be needing loads of ideas….Oh and your precious new bundle is adorable.

  21. The tables are great! I can use a surfboard wax comb too, I have two surfers at home! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing. Blessings for your baby, pretty pretty!

  22. Hi girls. Thanks for your comments and questions :-) I always like to answer all questions, usually via reply email or through the question askers blog (if they have one) though sometimes I can’t find any means of replying except by leaving the answer in a comment here so in that case I hope you find them!

    Karen Renfroe – I generally use standard satin acrylic wall paint on my furniture (usually get it free from the tip after people throw away their left-overs). If we had chalk paint here in Oz I would probably give that a go too cause it sounds awesome. For a chippy look I applied two thickish coats (no undercoat).

    Anonymous – Not sure where you live though I’m based in Australia and got my couches from Plush Sofas (they were floorstock so we got a great deal).


  23. Ngozi says:

    She is perfectly beautiful (the baby)! I was enjoying the blog and really into the table, but then when I saw that beautiful little delicate baby, I completely forgot the table (it’s awesome though – but the baby SERIOUSLY upstages it!) Congrats and blessings in Christ!

  24. kpaints says:

    She’s beautiful..have fun with her!

  25. Misty says:

    LOVE the table and the baby is just precious!

  26. CHH says:

    Dear Kristine,

    How beautiful!

    You are blessed.



  27. CBoroughs says:

    Wow this looks amazing!! I just started reading your blog (and i’m new to the blogging world but I am definetly going to try this!!

  28. Jenny says:

    Congrats on your beautiful baby girl!

  29. I just recently found your blog and I love it :o). Your little one is simply adorable! I love what you did with the side table and I’m excited to try your technique as soon as I can thrift a similar table. My hubby and I recently got married and were almost immediately stationed in Germany, so I’m looking for all kinds of fun ways to decorate our little nest over here. Thanks for the great ideas!

  30. Elzani says:

    I have a cubbord that I want to give this look, but it has a varnish on it. may i paint over it ontop of the varnish or is it essential to take the varnish of?

    • The Painted Hive says:

      I would just give the varnish a light sand then paint straight on top. Good luck :-)

  31. Zita says:

    Your daughter is lovely, I can’t even put it in words. She is an angel and that smile, just melts my heart. Congrats!

  32. Nichola says:

    I really like your round coffee table, distressed white with wood top. Where can I poss buy one?

    • Sorry Nichola, though I’m really not sure. I bought mine from eBay then refurbished it myself. Maybe try doing a Google image search for “distressed coffee table” or similar.

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