DIY Lifestyle Magazine Feature…and freebie!

I’m totally stoked to have had my IKEA Card File Drawers Hack project included in this months edition of DIY Lifestyle Magazine!

DIY Lifestyle Magazine Feature

Though, clearly there was some kind of editorial mix up, because not only is it featured within the pages, it’s actually on the front cover too! What the?

DIY Lifestyle Magazine Cover

If you have an iPad, as I sadly don’t :-(  and are looking for some fun inspiration, DIY Lifestyle Magazine (which is an Apple Newstand e-zine available exclusively on iPad from the iTunes store) are offering my readers a complimentary copy of the February issue!

To download your free edition simply head to the iTunes store here and use the promotional code “1monthdiy” (valid until February 28). If you have any trouble visit this page for step-by-step instructions on obtaining your complimentary issue.



  1. Treagan says:

    Ooh, I saw you had included this in your sidebar Press widget and was wondering about it.
    Big congrats. Though you needn’t be so humble about the cover feature…totally worthy.

    • Thanks so much Treagan. Though I still don’t think I’ll ever consider myself cover worthy…soooo weird :-)

  2. Caz says:

    Congratulations on the feature and the front cover!

  3. Roseline says:

    Thank you for the freebie. There are some great projects. And well done on being included. Like Treagan said though, no need to be humble, you deserve it.

  4. Elisa says:

    Congrats!! I personally loved the proyect and I’m willing to do it soon, hopefully with the same result

    • Thanks Elisa. Go for it…so fun and easy – and affordable too!
      I actually picked up a second set of similar drawers from a local craft shop and am going to do something similar, though a bit different with them.

  5. Stephanie O. says:

    Just downloaded…Thanks so much…

  6. Rani says:

    OMG!!! CONGRATULATIONS KRISTINE!!!! You totally deserve it! Thrilled for you! Will definitely download it. Enjoy your Sunday! xx

  7. Linda says:

    Well done! And well deserved! We are even looking at your lovely home over here in England and getting inspired! More please!

  8. Rani says:

    Hi Kristine, I picked the winner of the giveaway on my blog La Maison Jolie today and congratulations for winning!!! I need your email address so that PersonalPlanners can email a redeemable gift certificate to you directly. Congratulations once again!

  9. Cheri says:

    Unfortunately the free issue comes with an automatic renewal. Not my kind of freebie …

    • Hi Cheri
      As mentioned in the article, I don’t have an iPad so unfortunately I couldn’t trial the free issue personally though after looking into this it’s my understanding the renewal can simply be cancelled (apparently all subscriptions to the mag – free or paid – are automatically renewed until cancelled).

  10. Lisa says:

    Congratulations on the feature AND the cover – well done to you! Lisa xo

  11. Cynthia says:

    So awesome! Sadly no IKEA in my state and searching online has been unsuccessful. Do you think you have recommendations on where else to find a similar piece similar to MOPPE?
    Thanks! and Congratulations.

    • Hi Cynthia
      I have done a few pretty exhaustive online searches and while I’ve found some similar-ish drawers I’ve not seen anything really comparable.
      The best advice I can offer is to checkout your craft, hobby and hardware stores. I know it’s kinda hit and miss though sometimes they have little timber storage drawers for pretty good prices.
      Good luck!

  12. Anneli says:


    Congratulations. I am not surprised because it ‘s one of the most beautiful hacks/photos I’ve ever seen.

    At the time I saw it, 2012, I couldn’t find MOPPE at IKEA but now they are in stock again here in Sweden(if they ever were out?)

    • Anneli, you are far too sweet :-)
      I haven’t been to IKEA since I last bought that set of drawers (gee, that’s ages ago now!) so I’m not certain whether they still sell them here though it’s great to hear they might be getting them back in some of the places they were previously discontinued.
      Thanks for letting me know.

  13. Sherrie says:

    I loved this project so much I did one also, it now houses my sewing supplies. Thank you!

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