I’m Back…plus a new room makeover!

Why, hello there! Remember me? Apparently I’m the person who’s supposed to update this here blog on a semi-regular basis. Turns out I’m not that good at it. But I think we all knew that. I never planned to disappear for four months (and I’m sorry for my unexplained absence – thanks so much to...…READ MORE

Preparing the House For Sale…and a special reader offer

This post is sponsored by Fantastic Services. All images and opinions are my own. One of the inevitable tasks when preparing a house for sale is cleaning. And, I’m not gonna lie, it’s definitely my least favourite! In fact, I was actually really dreading it for my mother-in-laws property. Although the house itself isn’t particularly...…READ MORE

A New House Staging Project

Just in case anyone has been wondering where I’ve been… Sorry about the quality of these photos. I never took “proper” before pics so these are merely phone snaps. Some are taken after I already started decluttering (hence the lack of stuff), others are taken mid clear-out (hence the abundance of stuff). Several weeks back...…READ MORE


Remember when I said the suite extension bathroom reveal would be shared super soon? And then coronavirus escalated, and social distancing happened, and home-schooling sort of took over my whole life? Yeah, that. Of course, that’s just me being overly dramatic, but home-schooling has swallowed-up most of the time I used to dedicate to projects...…READ MORE

Suite Extension Progress

If you follow me socially (via Instagram, Facebook or through my Facebook Group) you may have seen some progress snippets over the past few weeks. I’ve been holding-off on posting here because I was so eager to have something finished to share, but the fact is we’re still between projects at the moment. So unfortunately...…READ MORE

Suite Extension Update

I know it’s almost Christmas and everyone has better things to do than catch-up on other people’s house progress, but I really wanted to share this quick update on the suite extension. Our original plan was to have the build aspect entirely complete and signed-off (with official Certificate of Occupancy) prior to Christmas, and whilst...…READ MORE

Wallpaper for the Bathroom

If you caught my last suite extension update, you might recall reading that I was in wallpaper town trying to decided on something for the bathroom. As mentioned early on, my parents like simple classic interiors which can stand the test of time, so injecting a bit of whimsy and interest through changeable elements (such...…READ MORE

Suite Extension Happenings

Things are flying along at the suite extension at the moment! I think it’s partly because we’re just at that stage where things seem to go quickly, though also partly because the builder is keen to have everything done and dusted well before Christmas. In terms of progress, the tiles have all been laid and...…READ MORE

Bosch Cordless Lawnmower Review

When you’re no longer willing to sacrifice twenty minutes of your life to the lawnmower-starting-gods, it’s probably time for something new! No jokes, we’ve been using my grandpa’s old 1950’s mower for years now, and whilst it might be cool to have a mid-century coffee table, I can’t say the same for a lawnmower. You...…READ MORE

Bathroom Vanity Decisions & Extension Progress

If you caught my last post, you may have read that a “custom” bathroom vanity was included in the extension build contract, so we assumed we could request pretty much whatever we liked (within reason of course). My initial plan was to go with solid timber, so we could then choose to stain or paint...…READ MORE