I’m Kristine with a ‘K’.
I live down-under (just outside Melbourne, Australia) with my husband Luke, daughter Charlotte, son Riley, and a gingerbread-coloured canine.

I’m passionate about all things home. Especially the creative challenge and self satisfaction which comes from decorating on a budget.

I’m a self-taught interior decorator and at the moment a stay-at-home-Mum on a mission to make the most of my standard semi-suburban house with as little cash and as much ingenuity as possible.

I value family above all else, then cable knit moccasins, chai lattes, ticking stripes, sunny days and fern fronds, in no particular order.

An advocate for sharing the love (in an above-the-belt ‘G’ rated kinda way) this blog is my medium for divulging all that I discover and learn on my eternal quest for affordable awesomness (it’s also my justification for acquiring waaay too many thrift store picture frames!).

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