Okay, apologies to those of you clearly more learned (that’s learn-ed, like how fancy barristers pronounce it) than I, though I had never heard or seen the word ‘aesthete’ before yesterday.
Alright, this is the part where you can scoff at my ignorance – though please don’t :-)
Whilst scanning through a magazine I happened upon it and immediately stopped in my tracks (confession: a guilty pleasure of mine is spotting editing faux pas…I know, so sad). Surely that’s meant to say, ‘athlete’ or ‘atheist’ I thought, but no, they don’t work in the context of the sentence. Hmmm, what a mystery. So out came Mr Dictionary and guess what he told me (again, those of you who already know, don’t guess – just scoff):

aes·thete (noun) A person who has or professes to have refined sensitivity toward beauty, particularly in the arts or nature.
A person who affects great love of art, music, poetry, design, etc…

Well, how interesting. Of course, now I see it clearly does pertain to ‘aesthetic’.
My point….just wanted to share what I thought was a befitting description for all us design loving girlies!

Now, in the spirit of aesthetics, here are some lovely living rooms. I’m hoping to post some pics of my own next week….fingers-crossed!