I’ve mentioned previously my slightly obsessive adoration for industrial home accents and now here’s a little industrial style project of my very own!

I know, probably not to everyone’s taste (and certainly much too cool to fit in at my little cottage) though I love the eclectic edge and character items like this can bring to a space.

Here it is before:

I left the patina in pretty much original condition – which, for pieces like this, really is the essence of their appeal, all that banged-up and rusted metal telling the proud story of a former life.

I stencilled the retro typographics for that little eye-catching point of distinction.

With no-where for this piece to live at my place it was recently sold by auction on eBay.
So, with my retro locker now in someone else’s house, I was still languishing for an industrial ‘something’ for my own home when yesterday I came across this little beauty:

Eeek! Squeel! An absolutely adorable vintage card file cabinet. And now it’s mine!
Currently sitting in quite a precarious and inappropriate position on an inadequate little side table in our study/junk room, it just needs a bit of a tidy up and then I have plans to modify it for use as a re-purposed table of sorts in my up-coming living room re-do (oh yeah, more on that to come soon!).
The timber’s actually quite a bit darker than depicted and just oozes time-worn charm. It’s complete with all of the original escutcheons and locks.
Yes, I think I’m in love – again!