Alright, I’ll admit it, I’m in love with typography and would marry it if I could….


….you know what they say though – too much of a good thing is never a good thing….

.though does it really have to be so?….

.I mean, surely a letter here and a number there can’t really hurt…can it?


It’s lucky for me and my temporary obsession then that these duck-egg blue babies (below) are destined for my parent’s beach house. One for each of the single beds in the twin guest room – so cute!


They were a cinch to make. I just designed some artwork in Paint.Net (if you don’t have an image editing program and haven’t heard of Paint.Net I recommend checking it out) then printed it in reverse onto iron-on transfer paper, cut closely around each separate component, positioned them where I wanted on some fabric then ironed away. The fabric was then made into the cushions that you see.

If you’d like to try creating something similar I’ve attached my artwork as a free printable (see the ‘At a Glance’ section at the end of the post to view and download). Please feel free to use it.


I’m keeping this newly embellished ampersand cushion though (below). I made it using the same method. Here it is in my living room.


Classic number typographics.
Click here to view and download.