Did ya miss me?

Thanks so much to everyone for all the pre-trip well wishes :-)
I’ll be trying to catch up on all your lovely blogs over the next few days.

We had an absolutely awesome time! I’ll post some details and pics soon though in the meantime to help me get back into the bloggy swing (and maybe ease my melancholy as I lament for my already fading tan) here’s a little sea-side eye candy.

Before I left for Fiji I was working on a few projects which should be ready for their reveals soon. So, I promise some new inspiration is coming right up!

I don’t know whether it’s a good thing or not that I felt a little guilty for neglecting my blog and somewhat lost without you guys during my absence though it really hit home to me how passionate I’ve become about The Painted Hive and the importance this little blog of mine has as a creative and cathartic outlet.

Of course there’s more to life than just staring into a computer screen all day though what a nice little supplement blogland can be!