When I revealed my living room on this blog, there were a few comments eluding to it as Pottery Barn-esque. It seemed a couple of people assumed that’s were I had drawn inspiration from. Truth is, if you had mentioned Pottery Barn to me a few months back while I was in the middle of decorating it I would have assumed you were talking about some kind of terracotta factory!

(In fact, I do recall having that vision when I did first hear the name though before you assume I must’ve been living under a giant rock somewhere, bear in mind that I do live on the land of them  – Australia that is – where there’s no such thing as Pottery Barn, Lowes, Home Depot, Anthropologie and lots more of these other cool stores I’m now always hearing about).

My Living Room

So what’s my point?

Well, while I’m not too sure whether drawing a parallel between my living room and a Pottery Barn catalogue is a good or bad thing (I know it was meant as a compliment, so thanks ladies), I’d like to think my style of decorating has a bit more soul than that.

Truth is, the journey to my finished (for now) living room was a patient, intrinsic and very personal one – though seriously, let’s not go toooo deep, while I do believe our homes are our castles and it’s important they nurture and reflect us it’s still a good idea to put things in perspective sometimes by remembering they are still inanimate objects.

Like all of you, I love looking at and admiring images of beautiful interiors and whilst I might find myself motivated by them, truth is, I rarely drawer direct inspiration from one.

We and our homes are all so individual that at times ‘borrowing’ a template a little too precisely from someone else just won’t work. For a space to feel right it needs to have ‘you’ in it.

That said, there are certain design factors (such as balance, scale, harmony) which are pretty universal and when well-contrived can create a generically appealing space, though in the end it’s the uncontrived elements – the unique personal touches – which really make a home sing.

So, there’s a pretty tricky balance to strike.

Except for in nature (and rare moments of subconscious human brilliance), there’s little we find beautiful that’s not planned and considered in some way – and really, without any thought or care, how can what we create have meaning?

Though it’s finding that at times elusive harmony between intent and instinct which gives truth and personality to design.

I’m lucky enough to be at a point now where I know what I like and what I don’t and, most importantly, what I can live with as opposed to what I like to look at. That doesn’t mean I won’t change my mind about little things every other day, it just means I’m pretty certain about the general direction I’m heading in. It also doesn’t mean I’m just gonna close my eyes from now on and go forth blindly. I still, and will continue to, cherish my ever expanding folio of inspirational home images.

Before I started this blog, only a few short months back, I felt kinda lost. I was devouring image after gorgeous image and idea after clever idea though with no outlet to filter the massive mountain of information I was feeling totally overwhelmed and, to be honest, a little deflated.

Though slowly but surely, through the writing of posts and reading of comments, a certain clarity has emerged along with a motivating confidence.

Somehow this little blog of mine has taught me to trust myself more, be more decisive, unafraid of making mistakes.

And if for some reason I’m ever feeling confused or uncertain again, I know I can come back to this blog for direction and reassurance….and if that doesn’t work it’s also given me the best group of people to share my little dilemas with and ask advice of!