You know how sometimes you just kinda get on a roll?

Well, I’m on a bit of one at the moment and have managed to finish off a tonne (okay, not quite) of ‘new-old’ stuff for sale on eBay starting with this grain-sack inspired armchair and stool complete with cushions.

I love the relaxed provincial feel of it.
It’s unpretentious yet still manages to make a little statement. I’ll post some before pics and the tutorial soon!

I’m also currently offering this naturally weathered pedestal table.

Anything with silver-grey timber and rustic old iron always gets me going.

Oh, and by the way, if you happen to see a group of crazy looking young ladies dressed as cow girls simultaneously clay shooting, boot-scooting and riding around on mechanical bulls (with or without cocktails in hand) it’s my sister-in-laws Hen’s (Bachelorette Party), and whilst unconventional, I reckon it’s gonna be some fun!