Farmhouse Chic

…or something like that. Whatever it is, today I’m loving it.

  1. I’m loving it too! Beautiful rooms, but real and liveable at the same time.

  2. ChRiS says:

    makes me want to start all over!!

  3. “farmhouse Chic” my favorite ! -denise

  4. michelle says:

    I love them all!!!! What great inspirational photos!! I am in love with that stripped floor too!!!

  5. Finding Home says:

    Thanks so much for such a great group of pictures. All of mirrors make such a great impact in each room. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Abby says:

    Lots of goodies here, Kristine. I love #2 and #3 the most, love the colour, and those chairs. Wow.

  7. Katie says:

    Loving it too!! Makes me wish I’d bought an older home to compliment all the pretties.

  8. Amy Kinser says:

    These pictures make my heart skip a beat. They are beautiful. Those light colors to me are just gorgeous. I would take any room that you showed and happily live in it.

  9. Great inspiration!! Love them all. I do happen to recongnize the last one. It is from this blog

    Great job!

  10. I love the room with the high bed, blue and white quilt, and large baskets under the bed. That’s exactly the look I have loved for over 20 years!

  11. PS Is “Frugal Farmhouse Designs”. blogspot on your blogroll? Lori has a fantastic design sense too in her home and her shop.

  12. They are all wonderful rooms. Love them. Great eye candy and inspiration. Hugs, Marty

  13. I just adore this look! Thanks for sharing :)

  14. Great ideas!


  16. Love the country look! Great inspiration photo’s.
    And thanks for the comment on my blog :)
    You’ve made my day :D

    – Megan Elizabeth

  17. Olive Cooper says:

    Kristine, I think they all relfect a simplicity and freshness. hugs♥olive

  18. Sarah B says:

    What beautiful images of very homey homes. They’re all so peaceful but I reckon I’d just have to add in a few splashes of colour :)

  19. Tina says:

    I adore all of these gorgeous pics Kristine, they are very much my style! Picture 10 is from one of my most favourite homes ever! The image is from US Country Home magazine – April 2008 issue. Hope you have a wonderful week ~ Tina xx

  20. Thanks fo letting me know some of the sources for a few pics. I’ve updated the post to include them.

  21. I love all of those rooms!

  22. NanaDiana says:

    Beautiful, beautiful rooms-each one has its own special flavor. Hugs- Diana

  23. I wish I could wave a magic wand and turn my house into a Country Living photo. They are always so perfectly gorgeous.

    I love that striped floor in one of the pics. Hmmmm, where could I do that in my house…… :)

  24. The willa nordic room is calling out to me!!! something about the “farmhouse chic” style is just so inviting. great images.

  25. Kyandra says:

    Hi Kristine just loving the pics and thanks so much for sharing. I really love the last two pictures.Have a great week:) Kym X

  26. Red Head says:

    In love with the leather couch in the last photo. It’s leather, but still has good lines and structure. Fabulous!

  27. Brianne says:

    Can you tell me what website you found the bedroom with the brown painted walls please? I’m looking for the paint color and where the throw was bought, thanks!

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