Well, it’s official….my uncomfy office shoes are already in the trash (I spent most of today wearing moccasins!), this morning I finally got around to eating breakfast sometime after noon and tonight I found the time and energy to bake a dessert.

So, what does it all mean?

No more work for me – yay!

Now my head’s just a-swirling with all the fun and creative projects I can finally get stuck into before bub arrives, starting, of course, with the nursery.

I struggled for ages with the type of feel I wanted in the baby’s room.

I was sooo tempted to opt for a contemporary pop of gender-neutral colour….

Or to go for something dark and dramatic….

Though I think I’ve finally decided to stick with my favourite scheme – a fresh blend of earthy neutrals with loads of natural texture and some vintage elements.

So, that means whites, creams and rustic greys, character-rich timbers, raw linens, jute and perhaps a few metallic hints.

Here’s a little mood board I came up with….

You may remember the challenge I’m facing in terms of size and shape. The nursery is only around 2.5 meters square (8×8 feet approx.) and has a weird angle which cuts into the space so I’ve decided on just three main pieces of furniture; a cot (crib), a dresser/change table and some kind of nursing chair.

Although it’s gonna be tight I figure there are a few layout options I can probably get away with.

Though I would like quite a balanced layout, due to the irregular shape of the room and necessary proportions of the furnishings, it looks like a more asymmetrical finish will probably be the go. Though of course the final layout will depend on what items I actually find during my frugal searches and how best they physically work together in the space.

I can’t wait to get started!