The Nursery Reveal!

Before Charlotte actually out-grows her cot I thought I’d better finish off her room! Well, for that reason and also cause it’s about time I finally shared it on my blog! Of course it would have been completed four months ago, before she actually arrived in the world, if it hadn’t been for my pesky eight week...…READ MORE

Faux Pressed Metal Brake Fluid Drum!

I was visiting my parents recently when I happened to glance over and see this beside their garage… Hmmm, a cruddy old brake fluid drum, how fascinating, right? Well, yes, I mean, it is cruddy and old and whilst I had probably looked at it a hundred times before for some reason that day I really saw it for...…READ MORE

Bird and Twig Nursery Mobile

When I woke this morning I noticed a soft golden glow creeping in from beyond my bedroom curtains and when I peered out the window saw the tree limbs dancing in the type of gentle breeze which makes you want to hang fresh white sheets on the clothes line. It was one of those mornings which reminds you of childhood...…READ MORE

Nursery Elements

With everything seeming to take waaay longer than it should nowadays I’m pleased to announce that at least the cot (crib) is finished (and it only took me nine weeks – not too bad for 33 stints of five minutes at a time!). So, while the nursery as a whole is still awaiting some finishing touches before the full reveal,...…READ MORE

Rocking Chair for the Nursery

I have a confession to make; I’m not really much of a sewer. There, I’ve said it, and the truth is, I don’t even own a machine! I mean, I can do basic straight lines – like pillows and the like (as you may have seen in previous posts) – though ask me about slip...…READ MORE

DIY Repurposed Basket Ceiling Light

I know repurposed light shades aren’t exactly a new idea though I did kinda just make this one up as I went along. I really wanted a hanging pendant in the nursery though the ceiling is just too low so I instead opted to transform a standard batten fix (flush mount) light. I started with this cool...…READ MORE

Nursery Underway

Well, it’s official….my uncomfy office shoes are already in the trash (I spent most of today wearing moccasins!), this morning I finally got around to eating breakfast sometime after noon and tonight I found the time and energy to bake a dessert. So, what does it all mean? No more work for me – yay! Now my head’s just a-swirling with all the fun...…READ MORE

The Nursery Begins!

I’d be lying if I said the design for our nursery hadn’t been floating around in my head since I saw double blue lines on the pregnancy stick! Don’t get me wrong though, I’m not having a baby just so I get a whole new room to decorate (truly ruly) however for me it’s one of the bonuses :-)...…READ MORE

An Exciting New Room Redo

Phew, it’s been a crazy few weeks…in a very good way! I guess I should start by saying ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy New Year’ (cue streamers and those roll-out party horn thingos). Now, I should explain my recent absence. I’ll blame it on the following ten factors…. 1. Beautiful weather 2. Pure laziness 3. My parent’s beach house (which forced me...…READ MORE