So, I was gonna share photos of my updated living room this week (truly ruly) though then this happened….
No, I wasn’t gobbled up by a giant pair of novelty teeth, although given the current circumstances it doesn’t sound like such a bad thing, because poor little miss Charlotte is miserably teething which makes for one miserable household all round.
I would have shared a photo of her actual teeth though she is guarding them with her life so I’m lucky to see them with my own eyes let alone through a camera lens.

Long story short, it’s been a tiresome, unproductive week though I promise-cross-my-heart to post about my living room next week.

In the meantime however I thought I’d share some of the gorgeous rooms I’ve Pinned lately.

Rustic Lodge Bedroom
Living Room
Neutral Cottage Living Space
Fresh Cottage Living Room
Sweet Cottage Bedroom Nook
Rustic Cottage Living Room
Sweet Bedroom
Eclectic Living Space
Cottage Living Room
Fresh Cottage Green Living Room