Turn the March/April issue of Australian Country Collections magazine to page 72 and you’ll be welcomed into what might be a familiar toile papered entryway….


Yep, it’s my little ol’ hive! A nine page spread of it! Including some little sneak peeks of spaces I haven’t even managed to blog about yet!
Here’s just a sample:


Thanks to writer and editor Kirsty McKenzie and photographer Ken Brass.

They showed up on my doorstep as arranged a few months back now, walked in and pretty much shot my house as it was. If I hadda known I would have done a bit more tizzying-up though I think the resulting article reflects the relaxed and unpretentious nature of the process which is in keeping with the honest premise of the magazine.

Australian Country Collections is a boutique bi-monthly country lifestyles publication.

The magazine itself (you know, ‘member those, they’re the things you need more than a mere finger swipe or mouse click to turn the pages of) is available in Australian newsagents.

For international readers, the digital version can be found on-line here through Zinio.