Sweet Slumber

Decorating with Inspiration

When I revealed my living room on this blog, there were a few comments eluding to it as Pottery Barn-esque. It seemed a couple of people assumed that’s were I had drawn inspiration from. Truth is, if you had mentioned Pottery Barn to me a few months back while I was in the middle of decorating it I would have...…READ MORE

Bula….I’m Back!

Did ya miss me? Thanks so much to everyone for all the pre-trip well wishes :-) I’ll be trying to catch up on all your lovely blogs over the next few days. We had an absolutely awesome time! I’ll post some details and pics soon though in the meantime to help me get back into the...…READ MORE

A Little Weekend Away

Given we’re lucky enough to be heading down to the beach for a couple of days I thought I’d share these gorgeous coastal inspired spaces. I also wanted to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone who follows along, comments on or visits my little slice of blogland. The support and encouragement of this amazing community is...…READ MORE

Dining Room Dreaming

Next up on my list of room reveals is my little dining nook. It forms the southern end of our living room and hopefully I’ll be able to post about it later this week! So, in the spirit of all things dining I thought I’d share some cute inspiration pics.

I Learned a New Word

Okay, apologies to those of you clearly more learned (that’s learn-ed, like how fancy barristers pronounce it) than I, though I had never heard or seen the word ‘aesthete’ before yesterday. Alright, this is the part where you can scoff at my ignorance – though please don’t :-) Whilst scanning through a magazine I happened upon it and immediately stopped...…READ MORE

Mirrored Furniture

Not far from my workplace is a gorgeous furniture store. Of course, I’d never actually purchase anything from said store (lovely as everything is) and must confess I really just went there yesterday to dream, sigh, stroke the furniture, study the furniture, then, let’s just say ‘borrow’ any good ideas for myself, when I spied a gorgeous rococo style...…READ MORE

An Industrial Edge

I love the depth, eclectic appeal and slightly masculine feel a piece of industrial furniture or decor can add to a space. From antique timber filing cabinets to retro steel lockers, done right, an industrial hint can really make a room sing. I could look at these images all day – except they give me such bad...…READ MORE

Queen of your Castle

In a bee’s world, while honey is the cents, royal jelly is definitely the dollars. It’s a special secretion needed to create the queen bee. So, while the lowly soldier bees toil day and night, with no choice but to expend all their precious jelly in order to make their hive happy, in this world we’re fortunate enough to have learned...…READ MORE

Making House a Home for Honey

Before the millionth design aspiration enters my head and causes some kind of mini cataclysm, I’ve decided I need an external platform to diarise and share all of the ideas and projects constantly swimming through my stream of consciousness. So, The Painted Hive is dedicated to beautiful and liveable interior design and decoration on a...…READ MORE