Baby Bumps

Yes, as in plural, though no, I’m not expecting twins.

There’s the literal ‘bump’ in my belly and then there’s that unforeseen ‘bump’ in the road.

Over the past few days I’ve learned a few things; babies truly ARE unpredictable (even when they’re still in the womb) and hospital food’s not all that bad (if you’re really, really hungry).

Thirty weeks into a complication-free pregnancy the last thing I expected to hear at 4.30am on a Sunday morning in the emergency department was; “Nothing to eat or drink in case we need to go to theatre and get baby out”.

What the? Back up a second. I haven’t even finished the nursery yet, let alone blogged about it (okay, so at the time that may not have been foremost in my mind though it did perhaps register a fleeting blip :-)

Well, fortunately he/she didn’t need to come out and is still snug in my belly though the incident has thrown a reasonably big, fat spanner in the works.

At this stage I’m in lock-down on my hospital bed until bub is born – probably via early cesarean hopefully no sooner than 36 weeks gestation (though that may be out of our control).

Apparently being young, fit and healthy is no defense against placenta previa and with none of the risk factors I’ve been told I’m just plain unlucky – well, good on me!

I’m sure many women who have been through labor might think me crazy though I was cautiously enthusiastic about experiencing something so weird-wonderful and the prospect of a cesarean was initially pretty devastating for me. Whilst I’ve managed to come to terms with that aspect of things it’s now the potential of facing weeks ‘alone’ in hospital which feels most daunting. I’m quietly yearning for the constant companionship of my husband Luke more than ever – I never thought the gentle droning of his occasional midnight snores would seem so precious.

At this point it’d probably be easy to whinge and sulk and cry “why me?” though the fact is there’s nothing to be done. A few lonely weeks away from home seems a reasonable ransom for the eventual safe arrival of a healthy new baby and I’m certainly under no illusions that, whilst things could be better, they could also be much, much worse.

I’m just taking it day by day.

At least by the time I’m outta here I should have lovely nails free of paint residue and a still intact vagina.

Glass half full, hey?

I decided to write this post, not in search of sympathy, though because I believe my readers deserve an honest explanation for my absence over the next few weeks – and because so far you’ve all been on this journey with me. Perhaps some people who can relate may even find comfort in reading this post.

Baby will be going into a bassinet beside our bed for the first little while so somewhere between sleeping, feeding and cleaning up poop I’ll still find time to finish the nursery as planned.

In the meantime I’ll try to chime in with occasional posts where possible though short of redecorating maternity wing 5B (I’ve already straightened all the pictures on the walls and neatened the stacked boxes of latex gloves – yes, I’m serious) there might not be a whole heap of projects to blog about.

Please wait for me.

  1. I am so sorry to hear this! I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and & prayers. I can totally relate as I delivered by emergency csection at 33 weeks due to preeclampsia at 32 weeks. I was devastated as it was my first pregnancy & not the experience I had hoped or planned for. Take care of you & baby! And I know I’ll be here waiting for your arrival back….

  2. Jenny says:

    Take care Kristine of yourself and that little baby growing inside. We will all be here when you are ready or rather have time to return to blogging. ;-)

  3. My really good friend Heather JUST went on bedrest at 30 weeks for the same thing. You’ll have to check out her blog and maybe you guys can chat bedrest talk :-)

    Of corse we’ll still be here! No worries on this end. Just relax and take care, baby is #1 priority.

  4. I’m sorry to hear you are on bed rest! I have had two c-sections and although I was bitterly disappointed at not having my babies naturally, my Mum assures I wasn’t missing much!!!
    Take it easy and think of that gorgeous baby growing in your tummy!
    I love your blog and look forward to you next post! ~x~

  5. Taylor-Ann says:

    Please take care of yourself and the little baby. I too am preggers and like you am fit and young yet this pregnancy has left me in the ER a few times. Just rest and relax and hopfeully your little one will stay put a few more weeks.

  6. Aw, Kristine! You and the babe are in my prayers that everything goes safely and healthfully. I’m 26 weeks right now. You never want to think of anything going other than planned, but sometimes it does. But think of all the reading you’ll get done! ;)

  7. We’ll all be here supporting you:-) I had placenta previa at the first of my pregnancy this time as well. Thankfully it moved on its own but I know the scare. So sorry to hear that your first has to be this way, but glad you’re safe and snug in the hospital waiting it out. Can’t wait to hear the news about your new one in a few weeks! (I’m still waiting, 3 weeks and counting;-)

  8. Aimee says:

    I just found your blog a week or two ago and I love it! I am 20 weeks pregnant and can sympathize with your plight. I wish you the best the next few weeks – I hope baby stays safe and sound!

  9. ZippyZippy says:

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. What a shock, to recieve such news, in a risk free pregnancy. There is always aimless blog surfing :) although you have probably done lots of that already. I had a c section with the first, natural for the second, elected c section for the third, so maybe all will go to plan next time,
    Take care

  10. Oh, just take care of yourself and your baby! We will be here, and yes would love the occasional update if you feel up to it. I will be keeping you all in my prayers. Rest rest rest, even if it is difficult. I had two scheduled C’s (transverse breech both times) and figure any way that is best for baby and mom is THE best way.Take care!

  11. Jen says:

    Hang in there!! This could be a great time to catch up on all the magazines online and off!!!

  12. Oh, so sorry about the complications. I was put on bed rest with my first one the last two months and that is no fun at all. I hope the little one waits a bit longer. We would all come visit if we lived close enough.

  13. Take care of yourself and that baby! Nurseries can wait, and so can readers. :-)

  14. bibbitybob says:

    We’ll all be here waiting and supporting you. Wishing you and baby all the best, and glad you can see some silver linings :) x

  15. Beth Cregan says:

    I have followed your blog for a while and I really enjoy it and I am sorry to know you have been through a rough couple of weeks. Sending sunshine your way.

  16. Sorry to hear your on bed rest but glad baby is well. I’ve had 2 c-sections (first was due to complications of labor, 2nd was because it was recommended after the first one). It can be a tough recovery or really easy. I’ve had it both ways. Your still a mom no matter which way you have em! Hope you get lots of visitors while on bed rest so it passes the time quickly!

  17. Oh Kristine I am so sorry to hear about your pregnancy complications! Sounds like scary stuff…the weeks of bedrest sounds pretty scary/boring/frustrating too! Thank goodness foe the laptop and blog reading lists :)

    I hope that bubba of yours stays nice and cosy there for a good few weeks yet, and the placenta behaves itself ans stays where it should…at least you are in the right place where they will be keeping a close eye on you.

    take care
    xx Karen

  18. Oh my goodness….sorry! Take care of yourself and bebe’….you’ll be glad you did!

    Of course I’ll wait!

  19. Don’t worry about your blog, or us! It is hard to sit still AND be alone, but it is for a good reason. Get all the rest you can, cause resting will be non-existant soon!!! Just bring that precious gift into the world, and both of you healthy!

    Thinking of you

  20. Anne says:

    take care of yourself! Praying that little baby stays put for a few more weeks. I am almost thirty weeks too with our little boy – can’t even imagine how you are feeling right now. hang in there!

  21. Oh Lady, I know it’s hard to be on bed rest in the hospital! My twins were born at 31 weeks, and at 2 1/2 they’re totally normal, healthy, and smart little girls. Take heart that your little one will be just fine.

  22. Tammi says:

    Oh Kristine I know how you feel, I went into hospital at 28wks with our first until he was born at 36wks and then had lengthy stays with the next three too.
    I passed my time with books and knitting…helped to keep me sane.
    Take care.

  23. CHH says:

    Dear Kristine,

    I’m a new friend/follower.

    Thank you for taking the time
    to get in touch with me the other
    day when you were clearly dealing
    with more important things.

    Again, I’m so glad that you are in the safest place for you and your precious child.

    I will keep you and your baby in my thoughts and prayers and if I think of anything that I wish that I had the time to do before our child arrived..then I will send you an e-mail.

    Stay positive, take care and be well.


    Coastal Blue Ocean

  24. leah mari says:

    So sorry!! I had plecenta previa and mine moved!! I’ll be praying for you! Rest up and I look forward to seeing the nursery.

  25. I love your positive outlook. Lucky ward 5B to have you as their resident over the coming weeks. I’m sure the place will be ship shape by the time you leave. Enjoy putting your feet up because when your precious bub arrives you’ll be flat out. Take care. Ange

  26. Maja says:

    Hi Kristine, cherish the boredom and try and rest and sleep as much as you can, as that will be a luxury once your lovely new bundle arrives. Having a cesarean wasn’t my choice either, but watching my bub’s heart falter on a monitor was the scarriest thing I experienced and I wouldn’t have cared had they cut me from head to toe.
    Take care of yourself and your precious one, who I hope won’t arrive too early.
    Maja xxx

  27. Designs by M says:

    Sorry to hear that you have to have a stint in hospital, but before you know it you will be holding your precious baby in your arms! Can’t wait to see what your nursery looks like! Oh and I ended up having a ceaserean, after also weirdly anticipating a natural birth for my 1st child, ended up electing to have one for my 2nd – it ended up being a blessing in disguise in my case. Oh and I call it a ‘honeymoon vagina!!:)
    Take care!

  28. I had two c sections {not by choice either}. God bless. Get your rest. Take the time to dream.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Kristine – Chin up, keep your eye on the goal, and all will be just fine. Babies don’t “need” a cute nursery, they need to be loved and cared for. I have two kids (14 months apart – yipes!) aged 8 and 9. Newborns are demanding; give yourself permission to sleep and cuddle with your baby. (I read one person who advocated spending the first week in bed with the baby – like a “honeymoon”. LOVE THIS and wish I’d done it.) Ignore the blog and your adoring readers. We can wait.
    All the best for a safe, healthy baby at the end of this powerful, magical journey you are on. Happy Mother’s day (I’m in the US and it’s celebrated this Sunday)!
    Virtual hugs from a stranger who admires you,

  30. Deanne says:

    Be praying that all goes well, for you and baby.
    I had a few trips to hospital and lots of enforced rest with my first with a touch of pre eclampsia but he waited until his due date before arriving, my 6th baby decided to arrive 6 weeks early after my waters started leaking, we were in hospital until she was 16 days old I had already been there for 2 days including my birthday.
    So hang in there, get your friends and family to bring you lots of books to read and some nice food occasionally.

  31. Mirela says:

    Kristine! You and the babe are in my prayers that everything goes safely and healthfully..poor darling if you were closer i would visit you ..don’t worry i had 3 c’s due to first being emergency and complicated first i was devastated b/c i could never experience it natural but in the end you and baby are safe and healthy and that’s what matters in the end..sending you great big hugs and all the best my sweet friend:) xx

  32. You poor thing, it’s never great when things to go as planned but babies have their own way of demanding we do just as they please, you rest up and enjoy the silence.
    Try not to re arrange the WHOLE ward, lol and I look forward to hearing from you as and when suits you and bub x

  33. Heather says:

    You are describing the exact scenario I had with my last daughter’s birth. Complete placenta previa plus multiple bleeds by week 30 earned me a month long hospital stay until my emergency c. Seriously, the worst part is the CONSTANT interruption of sleep by your nurses. After a week or so, ask your doc if you can skip one of the blood pressure/temp checks in the middle of the night. Sleeping all in one block will make things much better. On the bright side, I did get to watch 5 complete seasons of Gilmore Girls. Does the hospital have wireless? You can do a lot of web surfing. Your last personal time for a while. I’ll pray for your baby to grow safely and quickly. Good luck!

  34. I am glad you still have the baby cooking for a little while longer. I hope that you are feeling okay!

    Don’t worry about the nursery being finished! You can get some editorial feedback from the wee babe when they make their appearance!

    I’ll be thinking of you!

  35. Kek says:

    Oh, you poor thing – feel free to whinge all you like! Being stuck in hospital when you feel fine is the PITS. I hope you have a large stock of books, magazines and other time-fillers.

    Bad luck about the caesarian (I don’t blame you for feeling disppointed), but in the end a healthy baby really is all that matters.

    Take care, Kristine!

    P.S. You’ll probably have your baby before I have my couch. ;)

  36. m e g a n says:

    I’m sure everything will turn out great and you will have a healthy beautiful baby! I’m a mother of 3 and everytime I’ve been in the hospital for thier births I’ve never wanted to leave… it’s great having everyone serve you and all you really have to do is press a call button! you’ll be home soon and can’t wait to see the nursery after all is done! Good luck with everything and here’s to no more (problamatic) bumps in the road!


  37. Cheryl says:

    Oh, bless your heart. I went through something similiar with both of my children. I expereienced preclampsyia with the first and severe eclampsyia with the second.
    So, here is the upside. The c-section won’t be too bad. Trust me. Your beautiful babe will have the most perfectly round, unblemished head because of it.
    LOL, and yes, you are right hospital food isn’t too bad if you have to eat it.
    keep us updated. Will be keeping you in prayer that you will be able to go at least thirty four weeks. Have faith dear one. God is watching over you and your babe.

  38. glass half full! however i am so sorry you have to spend so long in the hospital. good news is i have had two cesareans. not by choice either. after hearing some of the things my friends have told me about vaginal birth… i think i got the better deal. recovery is not as bad as you think. hang in there!

  39. Thuy Phelps says:

    Sorry to hear you’re on bedrest at the hospital. I’m sure this is very traumatic for you, but the safety of you & the baby is most important. I certainly hope you have internet access from your bed. I was in the hospital in Germany last year for back surgery w/o internet access and that drove me bonkers. Don’t get the urge to redecorate your hospitial room, either ;D. Will be here patiently waiting for your recovery. Take care.

  40. Jen says:

    Happy Mother’s Day!!! Hang in there!

  41. Amanda says:

    i’m praying for you. i too, would be terribly lonely. but, we are all here for you when you need some comfort and hubby isn’t available.

    happy to read that you still have a sense of humor about it all, and an intact vagina is indeed something to be stoked about. ;)

  42. Kasey says:

    Sweet lady I hope nothing but the best for you and your new baby! Enjoy having nurses take care of you though you may not want to! I was on bed rest with my twins, who are almost 2, for 6 weeks! i thought i would never make it out of the hospital but eventually i did and so will you! Good luck and God speed.

    all my love
    mommy of 4!

  43. Stephanie says:

    I love your up beat attitude, it is what it is right? You are going to come home with a beautiful baby in the end, it will be worth the wait, boredom and terrible food. I will wait for you, take your time and take care of yourself and that baby.

  44. chris says:

    thank god youre able to have the prenatal care to know where youre at and whats going on with your body.
    also for an intact vagina. hehe haha hoo ahoo.

  45. I also had complicated pregnancies. My mother told me, “You wil never regret not working, but you will regret not taking care of yourself and your baby.” Take those words of advice and know that there is nothing more important in the world than taking care of yourself and your baby. Your blog is amazing, but it can indefinately wait. You don’t know me, but you are loved. One mother to another.

    Love, Amy

  46. Jess says:

    I love your blog – it’s a bright spot in my day! I’m sorry to hear about the bump in the road, but you definitely need to take care of yourself and baby. All your readers will wait…you’re too talented not to!

    Thanks for inspiring me and so many others!

    Jess Noble

  47. Erica says:

    So sorry to hear you’re stuck in the hospital! I had my first 3 weeks ago today. I was anticipating a natural birth but had a c-section because our boy was breech. I was disappointed at first but was glad to have time to prepare for the cesarean. I actually had a great experience, have healed nicely, and went running yesterday! It was a slow jog and I felt like my insides were going to fall out . . . but in general it’s been a very positive experience. I hope yours will be, too.

  48. Stephanie says:

    Thank the good Lord he got you to where you need to be right now. :) The weeks will fly by and you’ll be back to us soon so relax and enjoy being waited on. :)

  49. Kim says:

    Awwww! Hugs to you! I was on bed rest with both of my kids. It gets old fast! Hang in there:)

  50. emily says:

    There is nothing better (really nothing better) than having a healthy baby to snuggle with – no matter which way it comes out! Any disappointment of a c-section will fade away when you have that babe in your arms. So just be good to yourself in the days ahead and enjoy the adventure! Best wishes for all things healthy and happy.

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