A Magazine Feature!

Turn the March/April issue of Australian Country Collections magazine to page 72 and you’ll be welcomed into what might be a familiar toile papered entryway….

Yep, it’s my little ol’ hive! A nine page spread of it! Including some little sneak peeks of spaces I haven’t even managed to blog about yet!
Here’s just a sample:

Thanks to writer and editor Kirsty McKenzie and photographer Ken Brass.

They showed up on my doorstep as arranged a few months back now, walked in and pretty much shot my house as it was. If I hadda known I would have done a bit more tizzying-up though I think the resulting article reflects the relaxed and unpretentious nature of the process which is in keeping with the honest premise of the magazine.

Australian Country Collections is a boutique bi-monthly country lifestyles publication.

The magazine itself (you know, ‘member those, they’re the things you need more than a mere finger swipe or mouse click to turn the pages of) is available in Australian newsagents.

For international readers, the digital version can be found on-line here through Zinio.

  1. Congrats on the feature! How exciting.

  2. SSM says:

    Congratulations Kristine!

    How is that baby of yours?

  3. NanaDiana says:

    Congratulations Kristine! I deleted my prior comment because I had Elyse’s blog name wrong. How wonderful for you. You must be over the moon excited. I noticed that Elyse (Tinkered Treasures) had her article framed and hung it on her wall. It is really cute. xo Diana

  4. Ok, if that is how your place looks before you do any tizzying up then I have a serious problem…. :-))

  5. I saw that! I bought the mag a few weeks back now, and was reading that article thinking, this is sound a bit familiar for some reason…and realised it was a blogger I follow – you! Congratulations on the article, it is lovely, as is your home. Seriously though, you didn’t stage anything for the photgraphers?? Wow!

  6. Congratulations! That is wonderful, you should be very proud.


  7. Oooh I knew there was a magazine spread in the pipeworks, and was just waiting to find out which one. I will have to pop down to the local newsagent to snatch up a copy. You are my “local” inspiration, in the global world of blogs.


  8. Kym says:

    Congratulations Kristine..just divine and so well deserved..you are incredibly talented. Take care X

  9. Congratulations! That’s great!

    Enjoy your ‘fame’…


  10. Sara says:

    Lovely, will have to get myself the issue. xx

  11. Cósima says:

    Hi Kristine. Congratulations. The article is very nice. I’m following you from Spain. I love all your inspiration ideas.

  12. It was a lovely article and you have a gorgeous home. Mx

  13. Congratulations! Your home looks just stunning. :) Megan

  14. stormygirl says:

    Congratulations Kristine!! I’ll be sure to grab a copy tomorrow!

  15. Congratulations, Kristine!
    Your home is so lovely and inspirational – people need to see it!

  16. Congratulations, Kristine. Well deserved – you are a very talented designer.

  17. Tam says:

    Wow, super congrats!

  18. Jean says:

    You totally deserve this!!! Thanks for sharing all of your creativity with us…

  19. Jeanene says:

    Congratulations! That is so cool.

  20. Serena says:

    Congrats! No way in h-e-double-hockey sticks is anyone coming to my house “as is”! Lol. They’d be like, “ok, we meant that we are going to feature you in Messy House magazine instead.” haha. With 3 boys, my house is forever messy!


  21. Karen says:

    Congratulations, Kristine! And thank you for giving your U.S. readers the link to the piece. I love your style and clearly, others have noticed as well.

  22. Nicely done! So great to get the well deserved recognition. Your home is absolutely magazine worthy.

  23. first visit
    totally hooked


  24. Congratulations. That’s great news. I’m going to read it now.
    Cheers Kylie

  25. Congratulations for being featured in the magazine. You deserve it. You have such a beautiful home and I adore how you made everything as simply and stunning as it is.

    Annabella Merlin
    Creative Photo Albums

  26. Stephanie says:

    9 pages – wow! So very exciting!!

  27. Congrats on the feature!

  28. Congratulations! wow. that is amazing. good for you!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    I wish, I wish, I wish that you could post more often! Love your style. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Flashing Content!! Great, keep up.

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