No Bake Candy Crumb Cake

I don’t usually post recipes on my blog. Well, actually, that’s not entirely accurate – I have never posted a recipe on my blog! Yet, here I am, posting a recipe that’s devoid of any actual cooking, and is for a cake that’s by no means an actual cake! You’ll all think that perhaps I should have stuck to decorating (though, in my defence, I am actually an okay cook – if I do say so myself :-)

Something about the nostalgia (this was a childhood favourite), simplicity and versatility of this treat just made me want to share it. It is unashamedly sweet, unnecessarily indulgent and unapologetically immature, though it is also undeniably yummo!

No Bake Candy Crumb 'Cake' | The Painted Hive


No Bake Candy Crumb 'Cake' | The Painted Hive

I used mini marshmallows and licorice allsorts though this is the kinda recipe which lends itself to experimentation so be creative with your choice of candy, try using different types of cookies, incorporate dried fruit, nuts or seeds, and consider adding spices, syrups, spreads, essences or other flavourings, or even substituting the coconut coating for a drizzle of chocolate or spattering of sprinkles! And, of course, instead of a log, you can flatten the mixture and create shapes with cookie cutters, or roll balls then stab them with sticks for easy and delicious party pops!

Here are just a few alternate flavour combos…

Candy Crumb 'Cake' Flavour Variations | The Painted Hive

The possibilities are almost endless!

No Bake Candy Crumb 'Cake' | The Painted Hive


Thanks so much to Kristy of House of Evans whose post about ‘Lolly Cake’ inspired me to create this ‘Candy Crumb’ adaptation.

  1. Lizzy says:

    Oooh, this would be such a hit at kid’s parties. I love the idea of making them into pops! Easy and delicious…my kinda cooking :)

  2. Genie says:

    This sounds delish.

  3. Julie says:

    I love this recipe, it is our go-to truffle recipe. My girls set up a production line with one mixing, one rolling the mix into balls and one rolling them in coconut. Our favourite is dried apricot instead of the Lollies, and I also love dried cranberries and pistachios (but not so much the kids ;-).

    • It is the perfect kind of recipe for kids to help with, isn’t it? I remember doing the exact same thing with my sister when we were little, and more often than not we made the apricot version too. I love the pistachio and cranberry idea for a more mature alternative.

  4. Katy says:

    Your photos are so lovely and this sweet looks so yummy.

  5. Julie says:

    Kristine, this is perfect for what I want to do today. I mentor a little girl at our local primary school under the auspices of the World Vision programme, Kids Hope and we were planning on cooking today…….now I have my recipe. I have commented in the past that one of the things I like most about your blog is that you don’t feel the need to blog every day, but when you do the post is always of a high quality. Julie

    • Hi Julie
      Thanks so much :-) I remember your comment about my post frequency and you’re right, I certainly feel no need to post daily. I’m lucky to publish once a week at the moment!
      It is a great recipe for primary aged kids. I hope the session goes well.

  6. Zita says:

    I love anything with condensed milk. Thought you might like this recipe.
    Easy to make Dulce de Lech, no baking necessary. ;)
    BTW i just voted for you! I’m sure you will make it in the top 3.
    Best of luck!

    • Thanks Zita!
      I recently found a similar recipe which simply places the can in simmering water for an hour. I haven’t tried it yet though. Very tempting!

  7. Carol says:

    Kristine I love them and can’t wait to try the varieties. I used to make just the chocolate balls and never thought to add goodies to the mix or cut them into slices, how much faster and looks great too.
    My husband is going to do a book library for me, we loved the idea and instructions. Thank you as always Kristine and I was happy to vote.

    • Thanks so much Carol :-) Let me know how your library goes…I’d love to see it!

      • Carol says:

        Will do.

        • Oh, and I was just thinking…if your hubby does make the book library for you, make sure the shelves are adequately deep. Charlotte’s shelves hold kid’s book, which are relatively thin and tall. Thicker books, particularly short ones, may have a tendency to topple forward if the ledge is too narrow and the books don’t have space to ‘lean’.

  8. Kristy Evans says:

    Great pics Kristine! So glad I could be an inspiration to someone (and nice to know someone is reading my blog haha). I am definitely going to steal some of your other flavour ideas :)

  9. Kristy Evans says:

    And thanks for the shout out!! ;)

    • Of course!
      And thanks, the pics are okay – I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing when it comes to food styling and photography!
      Also, as I didn’t hear from you, I hope my reply email about the blogging tips went through okay :-)

  10. Kristy Evans says:

    Haha yeh I know what you mean, my photography needs a lot of work as does my photoshop and styling. Practise makes perfect I guess :)
    Yes thank you so much for your email! In so sorry I’ve been so slack at replying. Will try get back to you tonight

  11. Barb says:

    I just popped over to give you a vote. I’ve been following you for years. Lost you during the Great Google Die-Off and found you again. Thankfully!! Good luck in the contest.

  12. Ananasa says:

    Amazing recipe, looks so delicious and so unique! Home For Handmade

  13. Solicitor says:

    These look so delicious. But maybe a bit too rich for me!

    • Oh yes, sweet and moreish! You certainly only need a little slice but it’s just so hard to stop!

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