I don’t usually post recipes on my blog. Well, actually, that’s not entirely accurate – I have never posted a recipe on my blog! Yet, here I am, posting a recipe that’s devoid of any actual cooking, and is for a cake that’s by no means an actual cake! You’ll all think that perhaps I should have stuck to decorating (though, in my defence, I am actually an okay cook – if I do say so myself :-)

Something about the nostalgia (this was a childhood favourite), simplicity and versatility of this treat just made me want to share it. It is unashamedly sweet, unnecessarily indulgent and unapologetically immature, though it is also undeniably yummo!

No Bake Candy Crumb 'Cake' | The Painted Hive


No Bake Candy Crumb 'Cake' | The Painted Hive

I used mini marshmallows and licorice allsorts though this is the kinda recipe which lends itself to experimentation so be creative with your choice of candy, try using different types of cookies, incorporate dried fruit, nuts or seeds, and consider adding spices, syrups, spreads, essences or other flavourings, or even substituting the coconut coating for a drizzle of chocolate or spattering of sprinkles! And, of course, instead of a log, you can flatten the mixture and create shapes with cookie cutters, or roll balls then stab them with sticks for easy and delicious party pops!

Here are just a few alternate flavour combos…

Candy Crumb 'Cake' Flavour Variations | The Painted Hive

The possibilities are almost endless!

No Bake Candy Crumb 'Cake' | The Painted Hive


Thanks so much to Kristy of House of Evans whose post about ‘Lolly Cake’ inspired me to create this ‘Candy Crumb’ adaptation.