Flip House Wrap-Up & Sale Details

Home Office After

Phew, it was a wild ride!

And a longer than expected ride.

And a slightly stress-inducing ride.

But it was also fun, and challenging, and rewarding…and so worth it!

Sitting Room After

As promised, I’m back to share this round-up post, and also divulge the sale details for those of you who are interested. Of course, by definition this is just a summary of the flip so be sure to refer to my previous posts for further information about, and images of, each space.

I’ve said it a hundred times before, though just to re-cap (and for anyone new here), this is my friend’s late father’s house. When he passed away last year, my friend was tasked with the challenge of selling it. Not an easy job! So I offered to help. My friend had no desire to take on any major works or spend more than 12K so we concentrated on a refresh, rather than a reno.

Here’s how things started…



Bedroom Before


Entry Before

Before Living Space



Kitchen Before

Bedroom Before


Deck Before

And here’s the property now…

Flip House After Makeover

Front Door Curb Appeal

Boho Tribal Style Entryway Makeover

Home Office Makeover

Master Bedroom After

Ensuite After

Sitting Room

Dining Room After

Living Room Makeover

Kitchen After

Bedside Table

Bathroom After

Bedroom After

Setting After

Couldn’t be happier with what we managed to achieve!

In terms of the sale and financial side of things, my friend received two appraisals prior to our refresh. In its original state, the house was valued at $520,000 – $530,000, by both agents.  In the interest of clarity, let’s create a mean and say the property was initially valued at $525,000.

We spent a total of $12,000 (and around four and a half months – working on and off) on the flip. The big ticket items being the deck ($4,000), the carpet ($2,300) and the garage door ($1,300).

Let’s add this $12,000 to the original value of $525,000 and say that the standing total is now $537,000.

Following the flip the house was re-appraised by the same two agents. They both quoted $550,000 – $580,000! That’s a top-line increase of $50,000!

My friend received several offers and, after just two and a half weeks on the market, she accepted one for $575,000.

That’s a technical profit of $38,000!

Teamed with the quick sale (which I was so surprised about given the slow market) it was an amazing result!



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  1. Jodi O'Rourke says:

    Congratulations! Fantastic result, cannot wait to follow your next flip!

    • Thanks so much :)

      • Nancy says:

        AMAZING TRANSFORMATION!! It’s gorgeous! Can’t wait to follow along on your next project!

  2. Emma says:

    Well done! That’s a great result. I too look forward to your next flip.

  3. Julie says:

    Your friend must be so thankful to you for all of the effort you put into this house; amazing result.

  4. Leslie Wood says:

    Congratulations! All of yourhard work really paid off. Thank you for sharing this with us ÷ I’ve loved seeing every step of the flip.

  5. Pat from New Jersey USA says:

    AMAZING JOB!!! The sale must have been a huge relief for your friend.
    Thank you for sharing the journey with us.

  6. Julie says:

    Congrats girl, job well done !!!

  7. Marm says:

    Fantastic transformation! Congratulations on the project and the sale.

  8. Patricia says:

    I will say it again: A M A Z I N G !
    More than your skills at decorating, painting, or visualizing the end product, you are a very special person to tackle such a huge undertaking for your friend! You surely know how to be a good friend. I hope that one day, someone will have the pleasure of helping you in some equivalent way.

  9. Mary says:

    Kristine you work magic too bad you don’t live in the states. I will need this done in the future for when I sell my home.

  10. Arlene Gregoire says:

    Amazing transformation. You have vision and talent. You inspire me in my task to ready my house for selling next spring. I love your style, use of colour, or not, and using old and new. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Renee says:

    I love everything you did to the house. The clean lines were there; you brought them out in a way that made them just shine! I absolutely love it! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Can’t wait for the next one!

  12. Vikki says:

    That is a MAJOR transformation!! 5 Gold Stars for You!

  13. Mj says:

    Good job! Does the 12000 budget include furniture and accessories?
    Was furniture rented, thrifted, borrowed from home or all of the above?

    • You can find further information about everything in the previous flip house posts. Yes, the 12K covers absolutely everything.
      Some of the furniture and decor was original to the house, some is our own, some I bought from second-hand sites, some was gifted.

  14. Patricia says:

    Great job! I love the color of the front door. Amazing transformation.

  15. Such beautiful work with so much ingenuity involved. Congrats to everyone on the sale and profit made!

  16. DLG in Mich says:

    Wow. You are a magician! Amazing job transforming the place for a quick sale. Well done, you.

  17. JeauxJeaux says:

    Very stylish! I love it. Clean and classy. If you were going to estimate what your labor cost might have been what do you think the numbers would be?

    • Wow, that’s really hard to say. A lot! LOL!
      If I was doing this as a commissioned job, maybe something like 8K – 10K. That’s just a guess.

  18. Jeri Cerutti says:

    Just a stellar result. The house is gorgeous- your design and your work are off the charts. Congratulations on such a fabulous job and kudos on the super fast sale and turnover. You’re clearly doing what you’re supposed to be doing!
    What’s up next?

    • Thanks Jeri. My parents are about to begin an extension on their home. I’ll be helping and am planning on sharing the journey on the blog :)

  19. Cynthia says:

    Just STUNNING with simple changes! You’re a GENIOUS! How do I work with you on an e-design?

  20. Jody says:

    That’s awesome! Your hard work paid off. Will you take a little break now or do you have a new project in the wings? Congratulations.

    • Kristine says:

      Thanks so much. My parents are about to begin an extension to their house (any day now!) and I’ll be helping with that. Planning on documenting the process on my blog :)

  21. Cathy says:

    Job well done. Incredibly inspiring. Looking forward to see what you pull out of the hat next! Hope you are taking a well earned break. Thank you for sharing

  22. Jennifer says:

    Where may I ask are the bathroom mirrors from?

    • As you will see from the before pics they were original to the house so the builders installed them. Not sure where they are from sorry :)

  23. Christi says:

    You rocked it—-I love the new look of the house. You took it from very dated and stale to fabulous! You have such an eye for texture, line and color. Thanks for sharing the process with us!

  24. Great job! I have one last question. What did you or have you done with that sewing machine table left in the entry? I have seen them converted into powder room vanities. They are very pretty in the right house. They are not counter height so they do need some manipulating to raise up. The one I saw they welded feet to legs. Any way have you ever tried that? They are also collectable as is as I am sure you know..
    Thank you for indulging my curiosity.

    • I think my friend is keeping the old treadle machine. If she has nowhere for it to live in her own home, she will sell it. I’ve restored a few in the past, and they are lovely, though they’re not really in-keeping with my own personal style.

  25. Tell Jennifer the mirrors come from any glass and mirror supply company. Probably special order sizes and wood trim from local lumber yard cut to make a frame. Possibly glued right to the glass. They look fairly easy to make. The mirror company probably has supplies for hanging them. Hope this might help.

    • Yes, they are just standard builder-grade mirrors. The frames appear to be powder-coated aluminium (at a guess, definitely not timber). I would assume they are merely glued or siliconed to the wall itself.

  26. Erin Prohaska says:

    Congratulations! I’m a realtor & not at all surprised, you did AMAZING work! Pat yourself on the back & start doing this full time! 😆e

  27. Jo Kapica says:

    Well done you!!
    Just an awesome result, aesthetically as well as financially. I hope you’re feeling really proud of yourself🙂

  28. Alix Davis says:

    Great result and definitely worth doing! The right styling makes SUCH a difference to a house price. Well done. Can’t wait for your next project.

  29. Lizelle says:

    What you achieved is simply amazing!! Well done!!

  30. Tal says:

    I love your work! Such a refreshing style and no bull attitude! Love it!

  31. Ruth L says:

    You did an incredible job and all the personal touches really made it feel special! Great job and congratulations on the sale!

  32. Karen says:

    Love this because you worked with what you had for the most part. Congratulations!!!

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