Hello, Remember Me?

My name’s Kristine. Apparently I’m the person who’s supposed to update this here blog on a semi-regular basis. Seems lately I’ve been a little distracted… …in a good way (I wish I could say Charlotte happily posed with her brother though the truth is I had to bribe her with the promise of a pink...…READ MORE

It’s a Boy!

Riley John Franklin arrived safely on the 24 March 2013 at 7.05pm weighing 7.7lbs (3.5kgs). He is absolutely perfect in every way (‘course I do have to think that though, don’t I?). I’ll spare you all the birth story (for nows, anyway :-) except to say that it was a 21 hour labour which all...…READ MORE

Some New Dining Room Photos…and an explanation

When I first became a Mum (almost two whole years ago now – yikes!) I felt the need to share with my readers my intentions regarding my blog, so I mentioned that whilst it was always my ambition to continue blogging (’cause I LOVE it!), family would inevitably be my top priority, so posts might...…READ MORE

And Then There Were Four…

…well, technically five if I want to avoid canine discrimination (dogs are family members too, aren’t they?), and six if I also count the vacuum cleaner which I’m sure Charlotte thinks is her pet miniature pony. Either way, there is to be a new little bee in our busy hive… Due mid March 2013. We can’t wait....…READ MORE

Time Management and New Ticking Sheets

Check out pics of my updated bedroom here. I pretty much never publish posts like this (with potentially boring ‘real life stuff’). I know many of you visit purely for decorating inspiration, so if you’re simply interested in seeing some pretty pictures then scroll straight to the bottom where you can read more about this…. Anyhoo, in non-decorating related news,...…READ MORE

It’s a Girl!

Finally introducing little Charlotte Mae Franklin. Arrived safely on the 23 June 2011 at 2.30pm weighing 2.5kg (5.5lb). The most adorable creature I have ever seen. Thank you to everyone for all the encouraging comments, lovely well-wishes and thoughtful enquiries leading up to the long-awaited arrival! I’ll be in touch over the next few weeks and months as I...…READ MORE

Baby Bumps

Yes, as in plural, though no, I’m not expecting twins. There’s the literal ‘bump’ in my belly and then there’s that unforeseen ‘bump’ in the road. Over the past few days I’ve learned a few things; babies truly ARE unpredictable (even when they’re still in the womb) and hospital food’s not all that bad (if you’re really,...…READ MORE