Check out pics of my updated bedroom here.

I pretty much never publish posts like this (with potentially boring ‘real life stuff’). I know many of you visit purely for decorating inspiration, so if you’re simply interested in seeing some pretty pictures then scroll straight to the bottom where you can read more about this….

Anyhoo, in non-decorating related news, at the moment my days kinda go like this….

….get up and pull on the same t-shirt and trackpants I was wearing yesterday (and probably the day before too). Feed Charlotte, play with Charlotte, put her back to bed (hopefully). Wander around the house looking at everything that needs doing, making mental lists though not actually achieving much. Pile all the dishes in the sink (though don’t actually wash them). Grab everything that’s lying around the house and pile that somewhere too (because, clearly, one ridiculously large mess is better than several small ones?). Sweep the carpet so the grain is all running in the same direction because I have some weird obsession with the grain all running in the same direction (remind myself to buy loop pile next time so there is no need to worry about “grain direction”). Think of twenty things to blog about though don’t actually manage to blog about anything because taking pretty pictures and compiling meaningful posts takes way too long for part-time perfectionists. Feed Charlotte, play with Charlotte, carry her around all afternoon because there’s no way she’s going back to bed this time. Consider doing some laundry though just end up making more piles; washing, ironing, things to put away. Kiss my husband on the cheek when he gets home from work. Cook dinner, eat dinner, feed Charlotte, bath Charlotte. Sit on the couch for five minutes. Feed Charlotte (again), put her to bed (hopefully). Sit in front of the computer for five minutes. Fall into bed way too late, turn off the light and sleep until a crying baby wakes you up.

Somewhere in there, if I’m lucky, I might also find time for breakfast and lunch and perhaps eating too much ice-cream. Going to the supermarket, taking the poor neglected dog for a walk, taking a shower, having a conversation with someone other than a four month old, checking my emails, buying my nephew a long overdue birthday present, working on some client consultations, working on some furniture refurbishments, working on some decorating projects for my own home. Baking choc chip cookies, paying bills, making my bed, cleaning my car (yeah, right), tackling my jungle of a garden (yeah, even bigger right!), visiting the doctor, doing fifty sit ups and making lists of things to do that never seem to get done.

And I only have ONE kid. Holy cow, women (clearly not including me!) are awesome.

Seriously though, of course I wouldn’t change a thing. I’m not complaining and am super grateful for, well, pretty much everything! It’s just at the moment I feel like the epitome of inefficiency. With every one thing I do get done there are a million other things I want to get done. Anyone relate? More than half the world’s population I’m sure.

Anyhoo, on to some decorating stuff!

Along with my weird obsession with carpet grain I also have a less weird love for ticking stripes.

And when I was in hospital for two months recently I did what any other bored in-patient with wireless internet might do – shopped online!

I must have been craving the comfort of my own distant bed because when I stumbled upon this gorgeous black and white ticking sheet set on EziBuy I bought it without much hesitation (which is very rare for me).

They are 100% cotton though feel much softer (almost like a flannel). I love them paired with my quilted doona cover and gilt headboard frame.

They just add that little extra something plain white bedding can sometimes lack.

Oh, and on a different side not, sorry for all my long vertical photos lately. The rooms in my house are just all so small that I have to shoot a lot of my photos through doorways then crop them down.

And now, just cause I’m loving it so much at the moment, here’s some more ticking inspiration….