Hey guys.

Just popping in for a quick one today to share this budget wall art idea using inexpensive frames and gift wrap.

(Kmart picture frames and Cavallini gift wrap maps).

I know, I know, nothing earth shattering though affordable and effective.

(In case you’re extra observant and are wondering why South America is next to Russia in one of the pics I kinda mis-measured then had to improvise with cut-and-paste. When they’re all up on the wall I’m sure no-one will even notice. If I’m feeling super motivated one day I might even be bothered fixing it – probably not though).

If you happen to live anywhere near where that arrow is pointing you can buy this map gift wrap (along with a whole heap of other awesome stuff) from Zetta Florence.

If you don’t happen to live anywhere near where the arrow is pointing, you can also order on-line from Zetta Florence or check out the Cavallini website for stockists (and their whole range of other gorgeousness).