After I blogged about my mini dining room update I got a lot of questions about the light fixture so thought I’d dedicate a little post to it.


I’d been inactively looking to replace both the original fixtures in my conjoined living-dining room since we moved in.

Yep, that was them. Except they were originally green and bright gold so not long after we moved in, to save my sanity, I painted them antique bronze.

I knew I wanted something industrial-ish to replace them with though it took me five years to actually do it because….
One; finding stylish and affordable pendants here in Oz isn’t easy.
Two; I needed two fixtures. A single pendant above the dining table would have been easy enough though I had to consider the aesthetic of having two within around three meters of one another.
Three; Our ceilings aren’t high. And whilst having a low-hung pendant above a dining table is no problem I needed it to match the height of the pendant over the living area otherwise it just woulda looked plain bad. Long story short, it needed certain proportions.
Four; Last Monday I had a photographer at my house to take pics for a potential future magazine feature so that kinda motivated me!

Luckily, the magazine shoot just happened to coincided with the release of a new stylish and affordable lighting range from Recollections.

I’m sure many of my fellow Aussies feel the same quiet longing for the seemingly endless array of affordable stylish homewares available overseas, particularly in the USA, so I was wrapt when I came across this new collection. Finally, a slice for us (albeit small, though a slice none-the-less!).

I got two of the Grantham pendants (usually $99 each) for $160 as they currently have 30% off your second pendant. I also sold both my old light fittings for $60 so if you take that off the price for the new ones I technically got them for $100 which is just $50 a piece!

Hubby installed them for me and I’m really pleased with how they look.