This room has played many different roles over the years…a storage space, a home office, a junk room, a make-shift library, an ad-hoc guest room and a nursery for two little babies.

At the moment it’s supposed to be my four year old son’s “big boy” room.

Instead, it’s a rather embarrassing jumble of nursery remnants, half-finished projects and make-do everything.

Well, it’s time for that to change. And I have a plan!

Here’s the current state of things (please be kind)…


Sheesh, someone could have at least made the bed – ha, ha!
Seriously though, I am cringing looking at these pics!

As you might be able to gather, it’s a tiny room – only 2.7m x 2.7m/8.5′ x 8.5′ (at its widest points). And clearly, it needs a lot of love!

Similarly to Charlotte’s bedroom, there’s really only space for three main pieces of furniture…a bed, a dresser and a desk.

I bought the existing cotton reel bed when Riley first graduated out of his cot, and I ADORE it! It was just a head and foot hidden in the deepest, darkest corner of a local antique store behind layers and layers of dusty old rugs (I don’t think the store owner was very happy when I asked for it to be freed!). We added the side rails though I’m still yet to stain them to match. Obviously that’s gonna happen.

The antique dresser is one of my favourite pieces. I considered switching it out for a free-standing wardrobe though have decided to keep it for now. I also contemplating painting it though I just can’t do it! I adore the time-worn timber, even if it’s a tad dark for this little room, and am determined to make it work.

Something I will be replacing however is the petite desk and chair. They are both hand-me-downs from Charlotte’s toddler days and they just don’t work as well as they could in the available space. I’d like something a tad more substantial and boy-ish.

And, of course, I’ll create a fresh scheme. Here’s my basic concept…


Boy's Room Inspiration Board


I’ve been waiting for a decent excuse to create a room with a moody hunting-lodge/lake-house feel for ages now and am so excited about this!

I realise it seems a tad mature for a four year old though I’ll be sure to throw in some whimsical elements too.

Most of the items pictured in my inspiration board have merely been plucked from Google so it’s going to be fun finding budget-friendly, real-life alternatives.

Wanna come along for the ride?


PS I know you’re probably skeptical, though I’m determined to finish this room before we’re all driving to Christmas lunch in flying cars!
Let’s smash this one out peeps!