DIY Headboard

If you saw the girl’s bedroom reveal from the flip house, then you’ll already know a bit about this simple bed makeover.

As mentioned in that previous post, the bed was already in the room and originally I was tempted to replace it.

Old Bed Before

It was just so plain and basic that my initial reaction was ‘blah’, though then I figured the fact it was so plain and basic meant it had unlimited makeover potential!

The options here were endless, however due to time and money restraints I didn’t want to do anything too full-on, so decided to keep things simple with paint and a headboard upgrade.

The first thing we did was give the entire base a coat of green paint (which was simply left-over sample pot paint from the console table I built).

Bed Green Paint

You can see the truer colour here. It looks much darker in some of the other pics.

Next, I used some scrap timber I already had to build and attach a headboard “extension”.

DIY Headboard Extension

Of course, if you’re planning on replicating this project, the way you construct and attach your extension will depend on the style of your bed.

There were a million different ways I could have done this, though in the end I just went with what was quick and easy, using things I already had.


As you can see, the rear of the existing headboard was recessed so I framed the extension in a similar manner, then I used pine batons and screws to join everything together. It’s no masterpiece but it does the job, plus it was always going to be concealed anyway so I was never concerned about it looking perfect.

To soften things, we then covered the entire headboard with wadding.

DIY Headboard

DIY Headboard

Now, the fun bit!

I didn’t get images of the slipcover being made, because mum sewed it whilst I was building the headboard, though it was really easy.

Slipcovered Bedhead

I wasn’t quite sure what kind of style I wanted for the headboard, though when I came across this fabric at Spotlight it instantly jumped out at me!

Headboard Fabric

It’s kind of a mix between tribal and boho with a fun twist!

To make the slipcover you just need to cut two pieces of fabric slightly larger than your headboard, place them right sides together, sew around the edge (leaving the base open, obviously), turn it in the right way then sew a small border to create the tailored edge.

Then it just slips over the headboard.

DIY Progress at the Flip House

Once it’s on, simply turn the base under to hide the raw edge. If wanted or needed, you can even attach it at the bottom to keep things taut. If you don’t plan on removing it, you can staple it in place. Otherwise, you could look at adding something like press studs, buttons or velcro which could easily be undone.



Bedroom After


And it’s as simple as that!

Girl's Bedroom




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