Master Bedroom After

When I first saw this basket in a Spotlight store I knew it was supposed to be a light fitting.

Basket Light

And making that happen was surprisingly quick and easy!

The first thing I did was remove the heavy timber base. It was just attached with four screws so that was pretty straight forward.

Basket Light DIY

Next I demolished an old lampshade (you can pick one up for just a few dollars second-hand) to release the metal frame.

Light Shade Frame

Once it was free I used a hacksaw to cut off the large ring.

Lamp Frame

I then straightened each arm slightly before curling their tips.

Bending the Shade Frame

NOTE: You can straighten the arms with your hands, though I found it pretty hard-going with my brass frame and noticed it tended to loosen the welds as they are the weakest point – where the arms are connected to the ring. Using pliers was much quicker and easier.

This is what I ended up with. It’s like some kind of weird three-legged spider thingy.

Lamp Frame

Manipulating the arms warped the ring a little though not enough to effect its function.

To finish, I inserted the weird three-legged spider thingy inside the basket and hooked the curled arms under the basket frame.

DIY Basket Pendant

Hooking the Lamp Frame

So simple!

DIY Basket Pendant Light

NOTE: I kinda just got lucky with the size of my lamp shade frame as the ring sits just below the top of the basket rim – perfect! Obviously, if the arms had been too short they wouldn’t have had enough reach to hook under the basket frame at all three points. On the other hand, if the arms had been too long the ring may have sat proud at the top of the basket, resulting in the globe being visible above the basket shade upon installation (not the greatest look). But, shortening arms that are too long is much easier than lengthening arms that are too short. So, my advice would be to go bigger rather than smaller with your lamp shade frame.

Originally, my plan was to hang it as a pendant using a DIY suspension kit though when I trialled it in the room it felt a little imposing and distracting sitting low.

Pendant Basket Light DIY

This is how it would have worked as a pendant. For my test I used this old white pendant suspension kit I already had.

So, instead I attached it directly to the batten like a regular ceiling mounted fixture.

DY Basket Light

It’s a bit hard to get a photo, though it works just like this.

Batten Fix Light

I used the batten cover from the original light in the room.

I’m sure there are a million ways to have turned this basket into a light fitting, though I found this technique super quick and easy, plus it worked well.

And if your basket is different to mine, I’m sure there are a million ways to adapt this method to suit you. This was a total experiment for me, so just have a play and see what you can come up with.

Master Bedroom After

And don’t forget, you could always also use it as a lamp shade if you flip it around!

Have fun :)



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