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Thank you all so much for following along with The Staged House room reveals.

Given this was a project I never intended to share here, I’ve once again been blown away by your gracious support, and too kind words. You guys are just the best!

I know there are still a few spaces from the house which I haven’t posted about – such as the kitchen, laundry, bathroom and ensuite, along with the third bedroom and exterior – however these received quite basic “make-do” refreshes and, in my signature style, I failed to take before pics of most of them! Oops!

Still, I do have a few after photos from the third bedroom and exterior, so will include them in this post.

Anyhoo, here’s how the house looked to begin with…

And here it is following the staging process…

Living Room After


Living Room After


Dining Room

Dining Table

Cedar Antique Dresser

Cedar Dresser

Bedroom After

Bedroom After

Bedroom Makeover

Bedroom Reveal After

Bedroom Makeover

Wall Art

Bedroom After

Exterior Makeover

As always, it was a more laborious undertaking than anticipated. And in my usual way I felt a bit lost and out of my depth until things were complete. But I honestly couldn’t be happier with the way things came together in the end.

Here’s the budget break-down…


Includes: Furniture, Decor, Rugs, Bedding, Fittings (light fixtures, tap buttons, robe hooks, etc), General (cleaning supplies, paint, light bulbs, etc.).


Includes: Furniture, Decor, Plants, Mulch & Toppings, Skip (Dumpster) Hire, General (weed killer, pesticides, paint, etc.).


TOTAL SPEND | $3,626


This is the revenue made from selling my mother-in-law’s existing pieces which we didn’t require for staging purposes. I have deducted this amount from the total spend as shown in the adjusted total below.




Of course, the use of any of my own pieces, or those which have been borrowed, aren’t included in these costs, because, well, they were free.


Although we spent more overall on the interior, the exterior actually accounted for the biggest individual item costs. These were for the skip (dumpster) hire which was around $800, and the mulch and toppings at about $550. The only individual item costs for the interior in excess of $200 were for the large rugs. The living room one being $350, and the dining room one being $220.

And remember, we get to retain all of the un-fixed pieces, such as the furniture and decor, to either on-sell (potentially for a profit!) or keep for ourselves as needed. So, although their costs have been allocated to the spend, unlike with hiring items, that money isn’t “dead”.

In fact, I worked out that I could easily on-sell any un-needed items for over $1,000, so you could technically deduct that from the total spend which would likely bring it below $1,000 overall. Not bad!

I touched on the property sale details in one of my past posts, but for those who missed it…

The price guide was $690K – $740K.

Our first open for inspection garnered a record agency attendance which was super flattering and very exciting, especially given the property is located in an outer-metro area. There were around 120 groups through the door and multiple interested parties.

We received twelve separate offers within the first week and the house was under contract in just eight days! Less than two weeks after hitting the market it was officially sold for $831,000 – just shy of 100K above the top price in our listing range!

Again, thanks so, so much to everyone who has followed along.




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Bedroom Reveal After