Insert sheepish “Hi” here.

Those of you who have been following along for a while will know it’s not unusual for me to disappear from time to time, though my latest absence of over 18 months really takes the cake!

It wasn’t planned. It probably wasn’t expected. It just happened. And although there were several moments over the past year and a half I did attempt to pen an explanatory blog post, for whatever reason I just couldn’t find the words. And if I’m honest, they’re still not coming easily.

Call it writer’s block, call it a creative lull, call it a complete mojo funk, I just didn’t have the oomph.

That said, I always knew my “break” was just that – a momentary, albeit lengthy, pause. I couldn’t imagine abandoning my blog forever, and it was always my intention to start sharing again. But when?

Insert the first day of Spring here in the southern hemisphere!

It actually only occurred to me yesterday that this could be the perfect incentive.

Having been absent for so long, I’d been struggling with how to re-emerge. Despite week after week of including “write blog post” on my to-do list, then chastising myself for failing over and over again, the timing never felt right.

I needed a catalyst, and whilst I know it’s mere whimsy, the first day of Spring gave me just that.

So here I am.

Thanks to everyone who reached out during my hiatus. It was incredibly heartening to know I was thought of. And I hope it goes without saying that I missed you all too!

As you can see, I didn’t run away with the circus, join a reclusive cult or am currently lying dead in a ditch. It’s actually all rather boring. I’m totally fine and life is chugging along as usual.

If you happen to be a member of my private Facebook group (it’s the one place I’ve remained active) you may have seen some snippets about what I’ve been up to. Whilst most of my time has been dedicated to regular “stuff” (work, kids, sports, house-keeping, pets, and so on), earlier this year we did indulge in a three month caravanning trip around half of Australia (I will share my van reno soon)! And you may have noticed that I’ve spent some time updating and redesigning my blog (let me know if you notice any issues).

I’d like to sign off with some kind of resolute guarantee which promises greater consistency moving forward, though we all know that’s not my strong suit (detrimental as that may be). I’ve never enjoyed the rigidity of a forced content schedule and much prefer a fluid and genuine approach, so please bare with me as I navigate this return to blogging.

Thank you for still being here.