Reloved Magazine Feature

Reloved MagazineRecently, I was thrilled to have a project of mine included in the inaugural release of a new UK based magazine.

Reloved is dedicated to all things upcycled (how awesome is that?) with an emphasis on bringing a practical, hands-on approach to the creative art of breathing new life into old, forgotten objects.

Reloved can be purchased off shelves from several locations world-wide. A digital version will also be available soon! For more detailed ‘where to buy’ info please check out this page.

IKEA Moppe Drawers Hack

To view my original post about the IKEA MOPPE Drawers Hack please click here.



  1. Hi Kristine, how r u. how is beautiful baby Riley doing. just a brief note: it’s OK to just post once a week. sometimes i get so ill trying to keep up with all the daily blogs i follow that i just delete them.
    I look forward to yours. congrads’ on the magazine article. ( I moved my Maiden Fern and it looks like i have new shoots, thankx for the tip)
    Judith NC>USA

    • Hi Judith
      Thanks so much for your lovely message. I’m more than happy to take comfort from your positive spin on my current lack of posting :-)
      Riley is doing really well and has already started to sleep through the night sometimes which is amazing so I’m really looking forward to having more motivation for blogging soon.
      PS I went to water my fern last week and was puzzled when I noticed the soil seemed to be swishing around. Apparently I’d failed to notice the pot was already full to the brim with liquid…oops! Anyhoo, I tipped out the excess and it’s still doing well. Glad to hear yours might be beginning to to thrive!

  2. Congratulations!!!!! What a thrill. I love your drawer redo, it is definitley magazine worthy and your photos are too. Hugs, Marty

  3. Megan says:

    Ooh, well done! Any ideas where exactly we can buy this mag here in Australia?

    • Hi Megan
      I’ve contacted Sarah, the mag editor, about your enquiry and will let you know as soon as she gets back to me. At this stage the only info I have is that Reloved can be purchased from ‘foreign press stores’. Hopefully Sarah will have some more specific locations.

    • Hi again Megan
      I’ve just discovered that the mag will not be available for purchase here in Oz until closer to Spring (as it was released in the UK for their Spring).
      In the meantime, you can purchase Reloved from here: (with international postage options).

  4. Roseline says:

    Hi Kristine. So happy to see a post from you today. I hope little Riley is doing well and sleeping soundly. Congratulations on the magazine feature and thanks for introducing me to Reloved.

  5. Nicole says:

    I agree with Judith, I love reading your blog entries. . Even if they are few and far between at the moment I’m happy when I see one come through. Enjoy your time with your baby, they’re only newborn for such a short time.

  6. Ally says:

    Hiya, I live in the uk and have bought this magazine. Your ikea drawers are the best thing in it and I can’t wait to make a version of my own!! Inspired! X

    • Thanks so much Ally.
      That’s one of the things I love about that project…it’s so easy for anyone to create their own version.
      Have fun :-)

  7. FojAga says:

    Now is perfect :)

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