Home Tour!

I know what you’re thinking.

“Home tour? What the? I already feel like I basically live in portions of your house I’ve seen that many self-gratifying photos of it”.

Yeah, I know. Sorry ’bout that. Though in my defence our little house is kinda the heartbeat of this here blog :-) And I think some of you actually might enjoy seeing pics of it too, which is why I don’t feel too narcissistic about having added even more!

Since re-designing and freshly launching my blog (almost ten months back now), I’ve been wanting to create some kind of virtual home tour which musters together images of all my finished* spaces and collates them in one convenient place. Well, I’ve finally assembled a dedicated slideshow which does just that!

*Finished refers to any one state of momentary completion in the perpetual evolution of a home bloggers abode.

Home Tour Slideshow

The above image is a still shot only. Click to go to the actual slideshow.

The slideshow will live in the ‘My Hive‘ page (located in the menu bar beneath my header). There’s no provision for leaving a comment there though if you feel so inclined you can always pop back here :-)

Sit back and watch it slowly graduate, pause it, speed it up by clicking the ‘Next’ button, choose a specific image from the thumbnail grid beneath it, or click on any full-sized photo to be taken to that room’s post excerpts (where you can explore the space further or head right back to the beginning and follow the room’s total evolution)…

 Post Excerpts

At present, the slideshow includes the most recent photos I have of our six “made-over” spaces though I intend to keep it as up-to-date as possible, which means adding new images as further rooms are renovated and updating existing pics as already included rooms are inevitably tweaked, and then re-tweaked!


  1. Meg says:

    i have watched your website/blog grow for quite some time and am always in love with the spaces you create. they are the perfect mix of vintage/whiteandgreen/comfort. although our design aesthetic is slightly different (i am a bit more eclectic) i find myself pinning many of your images to look at over and over again for inspiration. your tour was great.

    • Thanks so much Meg. I love your style too! The continuity of elements gives your eclectic look a real sense of coherency. I especially love your use of ferns, fabric and artwork. The large scale botanical and block printed paisley fabrics are gorgeous. I have actually been meaning to add block prints and large scale botanicals to my living room and master bedroom for ages…oh well, I’ll get there one day!

  2. erica says:

    What a beautiful, fresh, inviting home! So serene. You have placed and edited everything perfectly.

  3. Hia Kristine,
    You have that perfect “eye” that all decorators/architects covet…Brilliantly executed and presented!
    enjoy, Judith, NC, USA

  4. Kelley says:

    In LOVE! Your home has that elegant vintage look and you have done a fantastic job with it.

  5. Gina says:

    Your home has always been one of my favorite “blogger” homes!! Happy to see you blogging more recently. :)

  6. Erika says:

    This blog is one of my top 3 favorites and that’s saying a lot since Im a home decor blog fanatic. Anywho, I truly enjoy when I see you have a new post to share and on more than one occasion I find myself trying to duplicate your ideas. Question though….why haven’t you ever shown pictures of your kitchen or bathroom, closets, laundry room etc. I’m sure those spaces are just as lovely as the rest of the rooms tours you’ve shared over the years.

    • Thanks so much Erika. That is such a lovely compliment :-)
      I wish I could say that my kitchen, bathroom and laundry were lovely though the truth is, I haven’t even touched these areas yet! I have been happily focusing on the cosmetic ease of our “dry” rooms first.
      Our “wet” areas require a bit more than a simple aesthetic makeover which I think is why I’ve been procrastinating. Sure, I could easily paint the existing cabinets, tiles, etc. and dress the rooms up with some pretty décor though it would only be a temporary fix. Our shower is falling apart, our kitchen cabinets are warped and badly chipped and our tiny laundry needs to be completely re-configured, so rather than putting any effort into a band-aid solution I really want to renovate these spaces properly, still on a budget and in a DIY way, though with a sense of permanence.
      Just last week I began drawing up a scheme for our bathroom and I look forward to sharing it soon(ish). At the moment though I am trying to concentrate on finishing Charlotte’s room and upgrading Riley’s nursery. I’m working kinda slowly at the mo’ :-)

  7. Jelaine says:

    Fantastic! Love the new slideshow and images together. P.S. I’ll never get bored with looking at the same photos of your home! Beautiful.

  8. Jill says:

    You have the most amazing sense of colour and balance, as I scroll through blog photos (generally those I like) and there is usually something I would change but your house is perfect! it sounds so conceited to say that but it lifts my soul to see something so well done, and done personally by hand. You must have such a sense of accomplishment.
    Ps does it ever get messy ? lol.
    Thanks Jill

    • Messy? What’s that?
      Only kidding of course. Sure it gets messy Jill (coincidentally, usually when my husband is at home, hmmm) though I’m kinda a neat freak so I do make an effort to keep it clean and tidy. I just feel so much more motivated, organised and at peace in a clean and tidy space. And I swear, the house actually gets bigger when I vacuum the floors!
      Thank you so much for the flattering compliment about my home. You really made me smile :-)

  9. Rebecca says:

    “It’s beautiful here” came into my mind when looking at your photos of your home. Some inspiration for my work in progress home!

  10. Andie says:

    You are still my favourite source of inspiration Kristine. My work-in-progress guest bedroom is now sporting freshly framed fern prints, made-over side tables, and lovely ezibuy ticking sheets. I look forward to seeing more as you tackle those laundry/kitchen areas. I can only imagine how fabulous they will be!! All these photos compiled (when the house is done) will make a fabulous coffee table book one day. You seriously have to think about doing that ok? I’ll be the first to buy it.

    • And maybe the only one!

      Nah, seriously, you are too sweet Andie!

    • Darlene says:

      Wow, your home is be-you-tea-full( i had to make a new word to describe such a breath taking place)!
      I just found your blog on pinterest and have been enjoying your home tour and blog! Silly question is that a heat pump(airconditioner) above your firn pics? I am having two put in my home and was wondering about decorating around them! Thanks a new follower in PEI Canada

      • Hi Darlene
        Thanks so much :-)
        Yep, that is a hulking great air conditioning unit above my fern pics. It’s kinda a necessity here in Australia and whilst it’s a bit of a monstrosity, in summer I wouldn’t change it for the world!
        To be honest, I’m so used to it that I barely notice it any more. The only real annoyance is that I can’t hang large-scale art beneath it because our ceilings aren’t high so the vertical space is minimal. There are more attractive, streamline units on the market though at the time we didn’t have much cash to spend so got what we could afford.
        If you are having similar units installed, think about their position on the wall in terms of what furniture will sit beneath them and place them so some kind of symmetry can be achieved. Of course, you don’t want to make them a feature, though if they are going to be present, try and position them so they harmonise with the furnishings.

  11. I LOVE your home! Its so peaceful and comforting! I totally appreciate the time it takes to make your home what you want. I actually just posted a home tour of our apartment, which we are moving out of next month. See it here: http://www.fromragstonorthrich.blogspot.com/

    Happy Friday!

  12. Bec says:

    Absolutely love your hive, gives me loads of inspiration so thank you for sharing.

  13. lyn lindsay says:

    Never apologise for showing your work and home love looking and am pinching an idea actually a big pinch, we have just downsized from large home to not as large but still plenty of room. We are going to use your home office idea, clever ex builder husband will do it, so excited may not be done ’til 2014 but that’s fine, ours will be in the guest bedroom and when family or guests are here it will just sit there, love the gallery wall will do the same, I am a gallery wall ‘nut’ love them, we have 3 daughters 7 grandchildren we live in Qld, 2 daughters and grandchildren in Vic so those photos are very important, thanks again for you blog, I will continue viewing and I will view with interest.
    No narcissim at all, have a great week, Lyn

    • Thanks Lyn :-)
      I’m a total gallery wall nut too. I think they just add so much character and interest to a room.
      So glad to have helped inspire you. Sounds like you have a very handy hubby there!

  14. Amie says:

    You could never show too many photos of your house!! Keep them comin’!

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